Here we go again! Serving as the second stop along the 2008 MLG Pro Circuit, San Diego will play host to some of the world’s best gamers as they do battle at the Town and Country Resort Hotel, looking to improve upon their performances at the 2008 season opener in the Meadowlands. In addition, the event will provide a monumental opportunity for aspiring pro gamers to turn their distant dreams into a reality.

Because this is only the second event of Halo 3’s lifespan on the Pro Circuit, it’s hard to predict where each team will finish. This weekend contains the possibility of a drastic shake up in the current standings, and every team within the Top 16 is blatantly aware of this fact. Upsets are always in the corner of everyone’s mind, and if history truly repeats itself, there will likely be a few this weekend.

Instinct got the best of Final Boss in their first series.

At the 2008 MLG Pro Circuit season opener in Meadowlands, Final Boss found themselves in both a familiar and unfamiliar place. After cruising through the Open Bracket, they took a heartbreaking loss to Instinct in the middle stages of the Championship Bracket. The 2007 National Champions then fought back through the Loser’s Bracket, taking out Str8 Rippin, Triggers Down, Instinct, and eventually Classic en-route to achieving this season’s very first championship.

Prior to MLG Meadowlands, Final Boss and Classic held a LAN together in order to get ready for the big event. This time around, they’re doing the same thing. Final Boss and Classic will be LAN’ing in the days leading up to San Diego. At the first event of the year, both teams established themselves as the two best teams on the Pro Circuit. The LAN should help to further distance themselves from the rest of the pack.

Classic didn’t drop a single series throughout the Winner’s Bracket

Speaking of Classic, it’s safe to say that many people will be keeping a watchful eye on their performance in San Diego. The online powerhouse burst onto the professional scene by refusing to drop a single series up until the Championship Match against Final Boss. Classic certainly possess the type of drive and determination it takes to find success on the Pro Circuit, however, only time will tell if they’ll be able to improve upon their second place finish.

Assuming they win every series, Classic will likely meet up with MoB Deep in Winners Bracket Round 2, Ambush in Winners Bracket Round 3, and Instinct in the 4th Round. Of those teams, quite a few rosters changes have occurred. MoB has retained Lightking and Homicide, meanwhile picking up Anthrax and Demon D. As for Ambush, after Snipedown left for Instinct, former member Silent decided to leave as well. To fill the void, Ambush added Mudvayne, along with last year’s Free For All star, iGotUrPistola.

That brings us to Triggers Down. After MLG Meadowlands came to a close, Triggers Down made the decision to drop Lowkin from their roster. To replace him, Victory X was once again reunited with Team Captain, SK, to form the new Triggers Down. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Victory X and SK were once teammates on The Agency in 2007.

MLG San Diego is quickly approaching. Are you ready?

Unlike many teams, Triggers Down does not have the luxury of a bracket that pits them against a fresh set of opponents. In order to improve upon their fourth place finish, they’ll need to get through the likes of Final Boss and Str8 Rippin. Triggers Down is hoping the addition of Victory X will be the catalyst needed to power through these very tough opponents.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Instinct. With the recent departure of Victory X, and the addition of SnipeDown, Instinct is pulling out all the stops for San Diego. With a pre-event LAN with Inferno on the way, Instinct is definitely aiming to shake things up in the Championship Bracket.

As previously mentioned, Instinct and Classic could potentially meet up in the later stages of the Winners Bracket. Classic, who got the better of Instinct last time around, will be looking to capitalize on the knowledge gained from their last meeting. Meanwhile, Instinct should be looking to Snipedown to give them the advantage in San Diego.

The new look Instinct looks to be a force to be reckoned with at San Diego

If you’re not fortunate enough to be attending the event, you can catch all of the action from MLG San Diego right from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to tune in to the weekend long coverage on MLG Live, as well as MLG’s groundbreaking ESPN Saturday Night and Championship Sunday broadcasts. All of this, as well as the editorial coverage you’ve come to expect, can only be found on