The StarCraft 2 pro roster is locked, and we have our Top 20 and Pool lineup for Raleigh. And…well, to put it mildly, this is going to be interesting. MVPDongRaeGu and FnaticRain have decided to return on their own, separate from the four players invited through the League Exchange, and so have been seeded according to their Rank Points. We have STBomber, ZeNex CoCa, STTester, and none other than oGsNada confirmed as our GSL pro players. And Naniwa and Huk are in the same Pool. 

The Top 20

The Pools

Let's take a look at what we have here. The only PvP is in Pool A, where the aforementioned battle between Naniwa and Huk will take place, with InControl as a possible spoiler. Pool B is a ZvT fest, and there is absolutely no ZvP for Idra to worry about. The race spread in Pool C is decently balanced, and LiquidTLO will have another chance to beat DRG, after losing to him in the first match of Anaheim. In Pool D, the received wisdom might be that LiquidRet will slaughter everyone (except Nada), given how he's been playing lately, but all the other players in Pool D are capable of taking him down, if they keep their heads. However it plays out, Pool Play in Raleigh is going to offer some very interesting games indeed.


A note about tiebreakers: Huk and InControl had the same number of Rank Points going into this Event. By rule, ties between pro players are broken by their performance in the previous Event; therefore, Huk is seeded higher.

Machine and Rain were also tied, but do not have the Rank Points to be considered pro players. Ties between non-pro players are broken first by Online Rank Points, and then randomly. Since neither player had any Online Rank Points, a randomization was performed that granted Machine the higher seed.