By Brandon Dey            

Tonight’s Championship Match has given us some of the best games of the season. After coming through the Loser’s Bracket, it was time for Infamous to test their mettle against Instinct who, up until tonight, hadn’t lost a single series in tournament play.

The first game of the series was Android CTF. This match went back & forth, with Instinct managing to outslay Infamous by the slimmest of margins. However, Instinct focused a bit too much on slaying and not enough on the objective. Infamous were able to take the match opener by one flag cap and give themselves an advantage that they would not relinquish for the remainder of the series.

Game two was Zealot TS. Infamous leapt right out of the gates and piled pressure on Instinct. The 13th seed didn’t display an ounce of fear, and won game two with a 50-45 score line. With a two game deficit, Instinct were looking to turn things around in Game 3.

The third match of the series was Countdown CTF. Pistola was the only member of Instinct to go positive during this game, with a 37-27 k/d. This strategy allowed the other members of the team to focus on getting the objective done and it paid off. Instinct took game three five caps to four, and cut Infamous’ advantage in half.

Element CTF followed. This is another game where Instinct outslayed Infamous. The difference is that this time, Instinct were able to finish their flag runs. Once again, the game was won with a one cap margin and a 4-3 scoreline in favor of Instinct.

After losing Game 4, Infamous really began to turn the screw. Lethul and Noob went into overdrive and combined for 30 kills to solidify a slim game five victory on Sanctuary TS. Infamous prevailed with a 50-48 scoreline.

Game 6 took place on Zealot. Infamous maintained their momentum and continued to push Instinct further into their metaphorical corner. Blaze and Lethul went a combine 43-29 to help Infamous to a 5-3 win on this gametype.

Element TS was next on the menu. Instinct refused to simply roll over and die. Twins Roy and Lunchbox combined for 31 of their teams 50 kills to stave off the Infamous onslaught for one more game.

The 8th game of the series was CTF Redemption. Much like the other flag gametypes in the series, Instinct outslayed Infamous but could not finish their flag runs. Infamous took advantage of Instinct’s objective deficiencies and punished them accordingly. This game was won by one flag cap, with a 2-1 scoreline.

Sanctuary CTF followed shortly after. Instinct appeared to rectify the mistakes that they made on Redemption; the 1st seed still outslayed Infamous, but were more efficient when it came to finishing their flag runs. Lunchbox and Ogre 2 stepped up in their objective duties and led Instinct to their third CTF victory of the match. The score of this game was 3-2.

The 10th and final game of the series was Android TS. APG stepped up to put the metaphorical nail in Instinct’s coffin when he dropped 17 kills with just 13 deaths. He was the only member of his team to go positive, with Lethul going –1 and Ryanoob and Blaze going even. Infamous took game 10 with a score of 50-47.

Congratulations, and a huge thank you, to both Infamous and Instinct for giving educated spectators and newcomers alike an extremely entertaining match. Credits to both teams, and hopefully we can see more of the same in Orlando!