By Trunkers

With as many as five streams running at once, you might have been hard-pressed to keep track of all of MLG Raleigh's incredible gameplay, highlights, and storylines. We've got you covered with a minute-by-minute rundown of all the top moments from the weekend's StarCraft 2, Halo: Reach, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Gears of War 3 action!


1:30 – Doors open to all competitors. Goodbye Irene and hello MLG as players storm the building to begin their warmups. The venue is filled with the soothing sounds of hotkeys tapping, bumpers jumping and more FAMAS than you can handle.

 6:13 – A heavyweight clash right off the bat in StarCraft 2, as Bomber defeats Idra 2 – 0 in the first match of the tournament.  

6:26 – Regardless of skill level, we're all fans of the game at heart. In TLO's case, the fan-side took over, as he DQd his match against Select by failing to show up to his station. Where was he? Engrossed in the Main Stage action with the rest of us!

6:54 – The curse is broken! (2) Status Quo manage to win their first tournament opening match of the season, but will it lead them to greater heights?

7:11 – Nada becomes the first Korean of the tournament to drop a series against a non-Korean. Kiwikaki thermal-lanced his way to victory with an overwhelming Colossus presence.  

7:54 – Flashbacks of Anaheim 2006 as Carbon are on the rise and Str8 Rippin on the decline. Carbon takes the series with a 50 – 38 Game 5 victory! 

7:59 – Open bracket action continues as fan-favorite Puma sweeps his first match 2-0 against VOXLightSide. Puma would proceed to enter pool play without dropping a single game in the Open Bracket. 

9:06 – Call of Duty: Black Ops is underway and Anaheim Runners-Up (3) Fear lose to (13) Icons Black. It's a jarring beginning to Fear's latest MLG campaign. 

9:17 – The Gears of War 3 exhibition finishes in a one-sided crushing, as the Epic team loses to prolific Gears squad the NSAN3Z. And remember, nothing says cool like a gun that can also chop down a redwood! 

9:42 – Rain wins an odd series involving a nuke rush that somehow wiped out all of Naniwa's forces. Naniwa must have missed the audio cue, as his forces stood as still as the guards at Buckingham Palace, loyal to the bitter, bitter end.  

10:02 – Black Ops' Pool D plays host to the battle of the 4th and 5th seeds, and (4) Envy sweep (5) Quantic Next Threat to show they deserve the higher seed.  

10:04 Instinct extend their tournament game win-streak to 31 with sweeps against Carbon and Turning Point. Friday's Halo: Reach Pool Play closes with the highest seeded teams at the top of each group:

Pool A: (1) Instinct (2 – 0)
Pool B: (2) SQ (2 – 0)
Pool C: (3) BtH (2 – 0)
Pool D: (4) Dynasty (2 – 0)

11:26 – (1) Quantic Leverage extend their run of flawless pool play results, finishing Friday's action undefeated. The top seed look well on their way to defending their Anaheim crown. 

12:07 – Halo's Open Bracket wraps up for the evening, with 4 teams advancing to the pools:

Pool B: NBG Pure
Pool C: Aftermath
Pool D: Legendary 

12:09 – The Winners side of the Black Ops Open Bracket wraps up, and the final pool combatants are determined:

Pool A: Collapse
Pool B: Split Second
Pool C: Redemption
Pool D: Brain Dead

12:33 – TLO takes a thrilling Game 3 with a nuke against Trickster. The nuke has been a harsh sight for MLG Protoss fans, as Terrans keep dropping bombs all over Protoss armies. Jinro vs. Choya, Rain vs. Naniwa, now TLO against Trickster.

1:45 – With many matches in the books, Friday's StarCraft 2 Pool Play comes to a close. Leading the pools at the close of Day 1 were:

Pool A: Coca (3 – 0)
Pool B: Bomber (3 – 0)
Pool C: DongRaeGu (2 – 1)
Pool D: Kiwikaki (3 – 0)  

Interestingly, Pool D was led by two non-Koreans. Could a foreigner take the group and avoid a repeat of Anaheim's all-Korean Top 6?


12:15 – The fragging continues in Halo: Reach as Evil sweeps NBG Pure to kick of Saturday's action.

1:28 – Curse Gaming draws first blood in the inaugural MLG League of Legends tournament, but Counter Logic Gaming recovers nicely to win Games 2 and 3 and take the match.

2:35 – StarCraft 2's Open Winners Bracket wraps up, sending some heavyweights in to shake up the pools. 

Pool A: Trimaster
Pool B: Noblesse
Pool C: Hero
Pool D: Puma 

3:16 – (17) Collapse do the unexpected, emerging from the Open Bracket and absolutely crushing Pool A, evaporating Quantic Leverage's streak in the process. Collapse finish first in Pool A to guarantee the Open Bracket team a Top 6 finish. 

3:38 – The streak is over! Instinct manage to lose 5 – 0 vs. Str8 Rippin in CTF Countdown. It's a particularly shocking result, as Str8 Rippin, the only team to take a Pool Play game from Instinct, would finish with an 0 – 4 pool record. Quite a turn-around from Str8 Rippin's 2nd Place finish in Columbus. 

4:21 – (4) Dynasty sweep (13) Infamous to finish Pool D undefeated. The domination of the established Reach teams continues, as each pool's top seed finish with a pristine 4 – 0 record. Sets up (1) Instinct v. (4) Dynasty and (2) Status Quo vs. (3) Believe the Hype for the Winners Bracket Semifinals.  

4:37 – The last of MLG Raleigh's CoD Pool Winners have been determined!

Pool A: (17) Collapse
Pool B: (2) Optic Gaming
Pool C: (3) Fear
Pool D: (4) Envy

4:54 – The close League of Legends matches continue, as Epik Gaming manage to close out Team Solo Mid with some great dragon and Baron Nashor kills to match the game in their favor. 

6:03 – Slush 2 – 0's Trickster in Pool C. Standing at 2 – 3 overall, Trickster becomes the first Korean to post a losing MLG Pool Play record, despite some inventive play and build orders. 

6:45 – TSM provide the first sweep of the League of Legends tournament, beating (2) Curse Gaming. Crs on the whole looked outclassed in their matches. 

8:07 – Tragedy strikes twice for (1) Instinct, as they drop a second game of the tournament, losing Game 2 of Android TS 50 – 34 against Dynasty. Well, maybe not quite tragedy, as Instinct go on to win the series 3 – 1 and advance to the Winners Bracket Finals. If nothing else they are looking less invincible than in previous tournaments.  

9:03 – (4) Envy put Raleigh's Cinderella story on hold by besting (17) Collapse to reach the Call of Duty Winners Bracket Finals.  

9:42 – The roller coaster that is the Str8 Rippin franchise continues, Str8 are knocked out of the tournament by NBG Pure. Str8 Rippin won only 1 of their 6 Raleigh matches, and finish 20th. Back to the drawing board. 

9:54 – (3) Believe the Hype take down their Winners Bracket Semifinals match over fan-favored (2) Status Quo in a great display of teamwork. BTH vs. Instinct on the slate for Championship Sunday.  

10:00 – Puma vs. Kiwikaki! A rare MLG occurrence, as two 4 – 0 players square off to determine the fate of Pool D. Puma edges Kiwikaki out 2 – 1, shattering the foreign communities hopes for a non-Korean pool winner. 

10:03 – After recovering from their tournament opening match loss, (3) Fear keep steaming along by topping (2) Optic Gaming. The result sets up a Winners Bracket Finals match between (4) Envy and (3) Fear.  

10:17 – The final StarCraft 2 Pool Play results slips are filled out, and the winners are as follows:

Pool A: Coca (5 – 0)
Pool B: Bomber (5 – 0)
Pool C: DongRaeGu (4 – 1)
Pool D: Puma (5 – 0)

With 4 Korean Pool winners, the door is wide open for another all-Korean Top 6. 

10:53 – In the Championship Losers Bracket, DeMuslim comes back from 0 – 2 down against KawaiiRice to take the extended series 4 – 2. This following KawaiiRice saying "I will carve my blue flames into your soul," when the two first met in Open Bracket.  

11:40 – In League of Legends, CLG tops TSM 2 – 1 in a wild series that opened with a 60-minute marathon slugfest.

Final Pool Standings:

1st. CLG  3-0
2nd. EG 2-1
3rd. TSM 1-2
4th. Crs 0-3


10:19 – The League of Legends Grand Finals between Counter Logic Gaming and Epik Gaming kicks off. CLG enters the best of 7 with a 2 – 0 series lead. 

11:54 – Counter Logic Gaming sweep the finals with a 4 – 0 complete victory over EG. Congrats to our first LoL champions for bringing a highly entertaining debut of the title to the Pro Circuit. 

12:18 – More established players and franchises are slipping in Halo: Reach as the competitive landscape continues to shift. (6) Final Boss and (9) Turning Point drop out in 9th – 12th. 

1:21 – It's Championship Sunday, and Call of Duty: Black Ops brings us a highly-anticipated rematch of the Anaheim Finals. (2) Optic Gaming get revenge on (1) Quantic Leverage, winning Losers Bracket Round 8. (1) Quantic Leverage go from Anaheim champions to a disappointing Top 6 Raleigh finish. 

1:25 – Two surprise teams late in the tournament face off for CoD: Black Ops Top 4 honors, as (17) Collapse top (12) Force 3 – 0! 

2:37 – Hold the phone. (13) Infamous take out Anaheim Runners-Up (2) Status Quo to become one of the final four teams in the tournament. At this rate Infamous won't stay 13th seeded for long.  

2:50 – Collapse keep building momentum, as they take out (2) Optic Gaming 3 – 2 in the Losers Bracket Semifinals. 

3:11 – TeamLiquid's Hero tops Sjow, leaving an all-Korean Final 6: Hero, Puma, Nada, DRG, Coca, Bomber. Huk wins the title of highest placing foreigner, taking 7th while representing his new team Evil Geniuses. 

4:18 – After knocking out Status Quo, (13) Infamous face off against Dynasty in the Losers Bracket Semifinals, but carrying an intimidating 0 – 3 deficit from Pool Play. No sweat, as Infamous rally off 6 of 7 games to take the extended series 6 – 4! 

4:37 – (1) Instinct open up a 2 – 0 series lead against (3) Believe the Hype, before BTH levels the series at 2 – 2. Instinct clinch in Game 5 with a 50 – 43 Android TS victory to reach their third consecutive Finals.  

4:38 – Just as the foreigners were eliminated at the Round of 8, so too were the Protoss a round later, as Hero falls to DongRaeGu. Two Zerg and two Terran in the final 4. 

4:45 – (17) Collapse face their toughest hurdle yet, as they enter the Losers Bracket against Envy with a 2 – 3 series deficit from their previous meeting. However, Collapse were not to be denied, as they pull out the epic Game 11 victory to book their ticket to the Finals.  

5:20 – After long macro matches to send DongRaeGu to the Losers Bracket, Bomber shows his versatility by going all-in both games against Coca in the Winners Bracket Finals.  

5:44 – (13) Infamous sweep (3) Believe the Hype out of the Losers Bracket Finals in a match as one-sided as the fabled battle of Zyos vs. The Crate. Infamous' kill count is racking up: count Active Rush, Evil, Status Quo, Dynasty and Believe the Hype among their victims in the Losers Bracket. Infamous look like a team that just keeps improving, match after match.  

6:01 – (3) Fear stave off (17) Collapse's title challenge to become MLG Raleigh's Call of Duty: Black Ops Champions. In a change for the Call of Duty community, Fear manage to win the tournament without first visiting the Losers Bracket. Congratulations to Fear and all the Black Ops Top 8 finishers:

1. (3) FeaR
2. (17) Collapse
3. (4) eon EnVy
4. (2) eon OpTic Gaming
5. (12) Force
6. (1) Quantic LeveraGe
7. (5) Quantic Nex-TT-hreat
8. (9) IcoNs Blue 


6:11 – (1) Instinct trail 2 – 0 to (13) Infamous in the Championship Match! Panic time for the God Squad. 

6:25 – In StarCraft 2's Losers Bracket Finals, Coca comes out ahead in the Zerg mirror against DongRaeGu to advance to the Championship Match. Fortunately for DongRaeGu, a newly minted ticket to GSL's Code S will serve as the best imaginable consolation.  

6:59 – (13) Infamous seal game 5 and extend the Halo: Reach Finals to a Best of 11! Instinct are on the ropes! 

8:10 – Bomber wins the tournament! Bomber beats Coca 4 – 1 in the Grand Finals, and boasts a tournament 16 – 4 game record. Another victory for the Terran race on the MLG stage, and a masterful performance by Bomber.  

StarCraft 2 Top 8 Standings:

1 – Bomber
2 – Coca
3 – DongRaeGu
4 – Nada
5 – Puma
6 – Hero
7 – Huk
8 – SjoW 


8:11 – A full 10 game, two-and-a-half hour Halo: Reach finals comes to a climax as (13) Infamous beat (1) Instinct in the closest 10 game series imaginable. Check out the scores: 5 – 4, 50 – 46, 4 – 5, 3 – 4, 50 – 48, 5 – 3, 47 – 50, 2 – 1, 2 – 3, 50 – 47!  

After Instinct were undefeated in Anaheim, the God Squad is dethroned. Congrats to Blaze, areallygoodnoob, Lxthal and APG!

Halo: Reach Top 8 Standings: 

1 – (13) Infamous
2 – (1) eon Instinct
3 – (3) vVv Believe The Hype
4 – (4) UoR Dynasty
5 – (2) Status Quo
6 – (10) Fnatic Classic
7 – (7) Evil
8 – (5) apex Warriors


These are the highlights of the weekend, but no one piece can sum up all the action! Watch the VOD for yourself on and catch every moment, every victory, every crushing defeat and stunning upset.