MLG StarCraft 2 has been evolving rapidly over the course of the 2011 Season. From one live stream, to two, to four, we've been upping the ante in an effort to bring you as much of the tournament as we possibly can. In Orlando, we introduced two beta streams, with games commentated on the fly by our talented and dedicated community casters, and Quad View, so you could watch all four streams at once and induce a pure SC2 overload in both your brain and eyeballs. We could've stopped there, but… no. Not a chance. Providence is the National Championships, the culmination of the 2011 Season, and nothing short of a blowout will do. If you come to Providence, what you see should be the pinnacle of StarCraft 2 live action, and that's exactly what you're going to get.

In addition to the incredibly talented Top 16 who've earned enough Rank Points to be placed directly into the Championship Bracket, Providence will have an Open Bracket full of the world's best. Think of the Open Bracket in Anaheim, or Orlando, and you'll get some idea of what's awaiting you. You'll get to watch them play live in the venue- and, thanks to the improvements and scheduling changes that we instituted in Orlando and will be perfecting this time around, you'll get to see more matches than ever before on the Main Stage. And when you watch them there, you'll be watching in a whole different way.

Player POV Live in the Venue!

At MLG Providence, the Main Stage will have not one, but three giant screens. The center screen will broadcast the action as usual, complete with commentary by one of our all-star casting teams. The two additional screens will be airing the players' POVs. Ideally, these screens will be showing the player's direct POV right from their stations (mouseclicks and all) but we need to test the process on our live event equipment to make sure it works perfectly for both the competitors and the live spectators. If it turns out that we can't use the player's POV directly, these screens will be showing the gameplay from the POV of an Observer following each player's POV. Either way, we hope that this will significantly enhance the live experience for you.

For Providence, the Main Stage player POVs will be available only to the audience in the venue. For those of you watching from home: when we get to the last three matches of the tournament, the two beta streams will stop casting matches from the floor and will stream players' POVs, as they did in Orlando. If you can't make it, grab a Membership and treat yourself to a full four streams worth of tournament gameplay. But if you can get to Providence, you owe it to yourself to do so; the competition, production, and spectator experience are going to be the absolute best they've ever been.

Get an MLG Providence Spectator Pass

More Competitor Passes!

But what if you don't want to just watch? What if you want to compete? SC2 Competitor Passes sold out in just a few short hours. To make sure that as many of you as possible can compete in the National Championships, we will be putting a limited number of new passes on sale. You're going to want to get yours quick; they'll be gone within minutes. 

The additional Providence SC2 Competitor Passes go on sale this Friday, October 28, at 7pm ET.

Whether you're coming to watch or to compete, MLG Providence is going to be the crowning achievement of the 2011 Pro Circuit Season. It's going to be the sort of weekend that you tell your friends about in awe, and watch as they seethe with envy because they couldn't make it. But you? You can make it. Get your passes, get your game faces on, and we'll see you there.