By Dillon J Lowery

The 2011 MLG Pro Circuit National Championship is set to lead up to an incredible ending, and the beginning has been pretty special in and of itself.

As the doors opened, the pros chosen to compete in the 2011 All-Star Challenge took the stage to do battle in a Free For All as well as a seven game East vs West series. JKap walked away as the 2011 Bic FFA Champion while the East slayed their way to a 6-1 series victory.

Once the All-Star Challenge ended, Open Bracket teams from top to bottom geared up to play through two elimination rounds. When the dust settled, thirteen teams had already been forced to pack it up. As for the surviving sixteen teams, four earn a spot in Saturday’s Championship Winner’s Bracket and the remaining twelve must play do-or-die matches until the end of the Event.

The most intriguing story that picked up steam throughout day one was the emergence of Infused. The only European team in attendance were able to down 7th-seeded Ghost, 10th-seeded Limitless and finish off the night with a sweep of 2nd-seeded Defying History.

Accompanying Infused will be 27th-seeded abV, 5th-seeded Brain Dead, and top-seeded mG Notorious. These four will be given a tough, however slightly advantageous compared to their Open-Team counterparts, road tomorrow as they meet the Top-16 Black Ops teams in the world.

Make sure to check out the brackets and check back in at 10AM tomorrow as both Championship Brackets begin to fill out. Be ready for upsets, as every series means life or death.

Remember that League of Legends will be taking over the Call of Duty stream until 3:45 Eastern Standard Time.

Open Bracket

Championship Bracket