This is the seventh question in our Halo 3 Pro Player Questionnaire Series, which will run throughout Friday and Saturday. After you check out this article, you can find previous installments in the “related links” section below.

Question 7 of 8:
If you could play any game other than Halo 3 competitively, what would it be?

Ogre 2

“Super Smash Bros for N64.”

Victory X

“Although I think FIFA 08 is a great game, I would probably go with Mario Kart 64, as it is arguably the best game of all time. Also, I do not play any games anymore besides Halo 3, so I really have no clue how fun/good the newer games are. ”


“Halo 1.”


“I would love to play any competetive game, If its fun for me, and it has tournaments, I would want nothing more than to be the best at it :)