This is the sixth question in our Halo 3 Pro Player Questionnaire Series, which will run throughout Friday and Saturday. After you check out this article, you can find previous installments in the “related links” section below.

Question 6 of 8:
In your opinion, who is the most talented Halo 3 player in the league right now?

Victory X

” I have not seen many gameplays or anything, but based on what I saw from Orlando, I would go with Snipedown, he was doing ridiculous things against Str8 in the finals ”




“I dont think this game has evolved enough to really show who is the best in the league yet. But I do know that off of halo 2 I can tell that ogre 2 has really adapted well. I’ve watched a lot of his games and can see that he always makes the right decisions, even if its not the glorious ones.”

Ogre 2