This is the fifth question in our Halo 3 Pro Player Questionnaire Series, which will run throughout Friday and Saturday. After you check out this article, you can find previous installments in the “related links” section below.

Question 5 of 8:
Regardless of your bracket, is there any particular team you’re hoping to play against in Toronto?

Victory X

“I really hope my team gets to play Instinct. Roy and Lunchbox dropped me from the team, and even declined to team with Mackeo and I again after Mackeo had gotten released by FB after a day or two. I would like to show them that they made a mistake.”


“Team Carbon is ready to play any team. Were not going to overlook anyone going into this event. Where gunna make sure we keep compsure against every team we play and hope for the best. (besides that I still havnt played my 1v1 rival Strongside at an event yet so im still hoping for that ;) I’m comin for you Mike!)”


“I’d like to play Final Boss. I was used to hearing ourselves being called out for a mainstage match-up, and when we choked in Orlando, it was disappointing not hearing it again. So, I’d like to take them down in a series like old times.”

Ogre 2

“Every team.”