This is the fourth question in our Halo 3 Pro Player Questionnaire Series, which will run throughout Friday and Saturday. After you check out this article, you can find previous installments in the “related links” section below.

Question 4 of 8:
What team outside the Top 8 do you forsee making a splash in the standings?

Victory X

“I would have to go with Breaking Point, on paper they are the best pick to mix things up in the top 8. They have two players who have placed top 4 this season, and from what I am hearing, they are a force to reckon with.”


“A couple tournaments ago I would say Breaking Point but recently I think that they have gotten too cocky. I think they just need a loss to help them realize that they need confidence and not cockyness to help them achieve top 8. ”

Ogre 2

“Breaking Point and Chilled Reality both.”


“I really see Chilled Reality making a push for top 8. Especially with the addition of Frosty and Silent they should be even better than their Orlando line up.”