This is the second question in our Halo 3 Pro Player Questionnaire Series, which will run throughout Friday and Saturday. After you check out this article, you can find previous installments in the “related links” section below.

Question 2 of 8:
Who will win the possible Str8 Rippin vs. Final Boss matchup?


“Final Boss won’t be playing str8 because when we play FB in the 3rd round Victory will dominate FB just like how he has all season long.”


“This match is going to be great! You have the former Str8 member: Neighbor, now on FB, going against the new str8 lineup, which is snipedown instead of neighbor. I personally can’t wait to watch this match. It seems from the videos i’ve seen on MLGpro about str8′s new lineup that they are really mixing well. And FB seemed like they really just needed to be more happy when they play to get back to normal dominance. And from what I’ve heard, Strongside is becoming the machine we all know he is now that he has a new atmosphere on the team. So all in all, its going to a be a great match!”


“I think that Str8 Rippin’ will win the possible matchup.”

Victory X

“I see Str8 Rippin taking this one, they have been placing higher than FB recently, and swept FB 3-0 in the most recent event, MLG Orlando. The Str8 team change didn’t change much in my opinion, but the FB roster change improved the team a lot. However, I do not see this change pushing them over the hump, and enabling them to beat a team such as Str8. This is all of course, if FB is able to beat Team Classic WB rd 3. ;)