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Question 1 of 8:
Have all of the team changes prefacing this event made it more difficult to prepare for? How has your team prepared for this event?

Victory X

“I would say that the team changes have made it more difficult to prepare for, especially for someone like me who has just joined a new team. Unfortunately, my team has only played a few times online so far, but we have a LAN with Triggers Down set up for the week before the event, which we hope to use as a great source for practice. ”


“We haven’t made a roster change, so I believe we have a good chance at placing well in Toronto. We’ve been playing a lot online as a team, and we’re all together from August 4th until the tournament. We are supposed to LAN against uTi the week before Toronto. ”


“Our team has prepared for this event by making sure we gave 100% dedication. We all spent most of the days after Orlando together in one house to make sure we could get a good amount of practice in. Lanning as been quite difficult however and were still attempting to. But other than that, on a team, chemistry is a huge! So what better way to get to know your teammates better than to spend everyday with them :)


“None of the team changes made it more difficult because I’m more concerned about my team and our upcoming LAN against Triggers Down. I’m very excited with our Victory pick up. The Triggers Down lan will be the practice that can put us back on top and to test our new line up on LAN. ”