MLG Pro Player Conduct and Today’s Suspension

Since the inception of MLG in 2002, we’ve abided by a strong set of values and rules in order to operate the league in a professional manner. Similar to traditional sports leagues, we hold our Pro Players accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, the recent behavior of one player requires disciplinary action.

Due to repeated harassment of MLG employees and conduct detrimental to the league in violation of Technical Foul Rules #1 and Additional Rules #2 of the Pro Circuit Conduct Rules, Patrick “Aches” Price is hereby suspended from 4 MLG CoD Pro League Matches and the NA 2K Tournament on July 27th.  Patrick’s Pro League suspension will begin on August 6th in order to provide Evil Geniuses with enough time to coordinate using one of the substitutes on their Roster.

Additionally, we fully support Patrick’s right to stream on another platform, however, our rules will continue to prohibit streaming the MLG CoD Pro League and Pro Points Tournaments outside of

We will continue to embrace player and community feedback, but it must be provided through the appropriate channels and in a professional manner.


John Nelson, MLG Commissioner


A full list of Player Conduct Rules and Additional rules can be found here.