OpTic 3 Days To Kill Marathon on MLG.tv


MLG Presents: OpTic Gaming 3 Days to Kill Marathon Exclusively on www.MLG.tv from February 14-17


To celebrate the release of Relativity Media’s new film 3 Days to Kill, MLG is producing the 3 Days to Kill marathon airing exclusively on www.MLG.tv. Beginning Friday, February 14 at 12pm ET and continuing until Monday, February 17 at 12pm ET, OpTic Gaming’s Nadeshot, Clayster and Mboze will be streaming Call of Duty: Ghosts to see how many kills they can accumulate in 72 hours. Fans can tune in to watch all the #OpTic3DTK action on MLG.tv.


During the broadcast, viewers can participate in a number of giveaways, including the opportunity to win tickets to see 3 Days to Kill by tweeting #OpTic3DTK.


Following the marathon, fans will have the opportunity to accompany the OpTic team to watch 3 Days to Kill at a movie theater near Chicago.  Stay tuned for additional details.


3 Days to Kill opens in theaters nationwide on February 21st. Check out the trailer below.