We are incredibly happy to announce that Major League Gaming has entered into a partnership with SteelSeries, manufacturer of some of the world's best competitive gaming peripherals. We will be working closely with SteelSeries to design an entirely new line of keyboards, mice and peripherals, designed with gamers in mind. The full line will be introduced during the 2012 Pro Circuit Season.

“We strongly believe in and support what MLG has been building in the U.S. for the past nine years,” said Kim Rom, SteelSeries CMO. “The SteelSeries brand has become synonymous with professional gamers; from our peripherals’ quality and design to the technology and specifications that we believe gives players the edge to win.  This partnership with MLG is a natural fit, the MLG events are the finest in the industry and we are excited to announce and kick things off.”

“SteelSeries is recognized as a company that does more than just create professional-grade, competitive gear; they have been an incredible supporter of competitive gaming and eSports for the past decade and see the same type of growth for the competitive circuit as we do at MLG, ” said Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO, Major League Gaming. “We are proud to be working and collaborating with their team and are excited to kick off Nationals later this week, with them as a new partner.”

Be the First to See the New Line

To whet your appetite for the frankly amazing line of products that will be coming your way in 2012, we will be kicking things off with two new SteelSeries MLG Edition QcK+ mousepads.  And if you're coming to Providence, you'll be able to get your hands on one. Or two. You'll probably want both, because honestly, they look incredible. They'll be available in the merch booth for $19.99.

Veteran MLG pro Tsquared (Tom Tayler) spoke about the collaboration in a recent interview for Forbes. If you've ever wanted an inside view at what it's like to be an MLG pro, this is the article to read.

We hope you're as excited as we are about this collaboration. You won't believe what next Season has in store for you.