Over the course of the 2011 Season, we’ve been hard at work improving and fine-tuning our live streams to bring you the best possible coverage. We’ve come a long way from where we started, and we hope you’ve been enjoying watching the Pro Circuit from home. But things can always get better. We have never stopped looking for ways to bring you more of the tournament, and to stream as many games as possible. Today, we are incredibly happy to announce two initiatives that will make watching MLG Pro Circuit StarCraft 2 a totally different experience.

Less Downtime, More Games

A lot goes into getting a match onstream, both technically and in terms of scheduling. It isn’t possible to eliminate all downtime, but starting in Orlando we will be implementing changes that will significantly minimize it.

  • We've added matches to the schedule of Friday and Saturday's Main Stage broadcast
  • Two extra computers have been added to the Main Stage to reduce setup time
  • Match start times have been staggered based on the Station at which they’re going to take place

Players will now be able to get set up on the Main Stage while the current match is still going on. When one match ends, the next will be ready to go right away. This will greatly cut down on the downtime between scheduled matches.

The more efficient scheduling will also allow us to add new matches to the Main Stage broadcast, matches that had originally been scheduled to be played unseen at floor stations. We will be doing this whenever possible, and you’re going to see a lot more and miss a lot less. And we’re not stopping there.

Third and Fourth StarCraft 2 Streams Added

In Orlando, we will be beta-testing an entirely new system designed to bring you as much of the tournament as possible. We will be adding two additional streams, covering Championship and Open Bracket matches from the tournament floor.  

  • This is a beta. For now, the two beta streams will be available only to Gold and Silver Members or those who purchase an MLG Orlando HQ Pass.
  • All matches on these streams will be solo-cast by community casters Adebisi, Nerski, Tumba and Robin.
  • The casters will choose matches on the fly over the weekend, based on what’s happening in the bracket.
  • Matches will be streamed right from the floor stations.
  • For this beta, the two streams will be available in both Medium and Ultra (HD) quality in the MLG player.
  • These streams will air all weekend long, exactly as the Red and Blue streams do.
  • The Red and Blue streams will work the same way as they always have: available to everyone, with HQ available only for Members and those with HQ passes.

Four entire streams worth of constant coverage for three solid days. Less downtime between matches and more matches on the Main Stage. Anyone tuning in to Orlando will get to watch more games than ever before, and those of you with Memberships will get more than double the action than at previous events. Join us at majorleaguegaming.com on October 14-16 and treat yourself to a whopping dose of the best StarCraft 2 action on Earth.