It's that time again! Now's your chance to decide which matches get streamed on the StarCraft 2 Blue stream on Friday in Orlando. 

Before you decide, we have a change to announce. Unfortunately, we have just been informed that Socke and DongRaeGu will be unable to attend MLG Orlando. They have been replaced in the Pools by the next two most highly-seeded players, who are none other than LiquidHero and LiquidTyler. Great news for Team Liquid—and for Protoss fans.

This is the first time this Season that a player has withdrawn from a Pro Circuit Event after roster lock, so some of you may be unfamiliar with how things work in this case. According to the relevant rules*, Hero and Tyler will be placed in the Pools in the same positions as DongRaeGu and Socke; the Pools are already locked, and will not be reorganized and recalculated. Therefore, the lineups in Pools A, B and C remain the same, and Pool D is now: 

  • EGHuk
  • LiquidHero
  • LiquidTyler
  • oGsMC
  • StartaleJuly

Bearing that change in mind, here are the final Pools and lineup, and here is the current schedule of streamed matches for Friday Pool Play:

Red Stream

  • 5:30pm: EGHuk vs StartaleJuly
  • 6:00pm: STBomber vs LiquidSheth
  • 7:00pm: oGsMC vs StartaleJuly
  • 8:00pm: STBomber vs EGPuma
  • 9:00pm: EGHuk vs oGsMC
  • 10:00pm: FnaticRain vs HongUnPrime
  • 11:00pm: EGIdra vs SlayersBoxer

Blue Stream

  • 10:00pm: RGNSlush vs LiquidRet
  • 11:00pm: LiquidTyler vs StartaleJuly

The 5:30, 6:00 and 7:00 time slots on the Blue stream are your choice. Choose your favorites, and see who gets streamed! Polls close at 5:30pm ET this Thursday, September 29.

Update: polls are now closed! The winners:

  • 5:30 pm: LiquidHero vs oGsMC (with 59% of the vote)
  • 6:00pm: Kiwikaki vs Puma (with 68% of the vote)
  • 7:00pm: Huk vs Tyler (with 46% of the vote, narrowly edging out Idra vs Drewbie, which got 42%).

*If a Player with Automatic Bracket Qualification chooses not to participate in the upcoming Event and notifies MLG after the Team Builder Lock, but before the start of the Event, the #1 seeded/registered Player without Automatic Bracket Qualification, at that time, will be selected as the Replacement Player. If the Player being replaced is a GSL Exchange Player, MLG reserves the right to replace them with another GSL Player.

After being selected, Replacement Players will be given the #16, #17, #18, #19, or #20 Seed. As a result, other Players with Automatic Bracket Qualification may see their Seed change. However, all Players will keep their position in Championship Pool Play or the Championship Bracket. Replacement Players will take the exact position within Championship Pool Play or the Championship Bracket of the Player that they have replaced. This means that despite their low Seed, Replacement Players may be considered the #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5 Player in their Pool with regard to Championship Pool Play Game Types. For example, if the #1 Player in Pool A was replaced, the Replacement Player will assume the #1 position, in Pool A, for the purpose of Championship Pool Play Game Types.