Vicious Intent stormed through the top two teams at the D.C. Halo: Reach Combine 4v4 to take home the title. MLG got the chance to speak with them as we head into Dallas, to find out how they feel about the victory and how they think they’ll perform in the National Championship.

MLG: You guys went into the Combine as the 3rd seed. How confident were you that you’d win the whole thing?

Blaze: I wasn’t confident at all… I didn’t know Bulletz or Napolean before Friday.

Lethul: I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but once we beat Ultimate in Winners Round 6, I knew that we had a legitimate shot at winning.

Bulletz: I wasn’t that confident going into the tournament because I had never even played a game with Blaze and there was also the fact that we were playing against solid teams that had been practicing for weeks.

Napolean: Actually, I was very confident. I knew everyone on the team was good.

Napolean’s confidence in his team was justified by their win in D.C. Will his new team serve him as well?

MLG: Bulletz, you’ve been around the MLG Pro Circuit for a while now. During the transition from Halo 2 to Halo 3, a lot of pro and semi-pro players were overshadowed by new talent. Do you think the same thing will happen in Halo: Reach?

Bulletz: I definitely think there will be some new faces in the pro and semi-pro competitions since it’s a new game and some people dedicate themselves a lot more since it’s a fresh start.

MLG: So guys, what are your plans for Dallas? Will you all be sticking together or branching off into new directions for the Exhibition Event?

Napolean: I’ve decided to go with some local players that I think have talent. My team is myself, Alex Gundam, Xile, and Wyte.

Bulletz: My main plan for Dallas was to go see the Cowboys play, but they don’t have a home game that weekend, so I’m not totally sure about that yet.

Lethul: Blaze and I are going to be teaming up with Amish Acorns and Adrenaline for Dallas.

Blaze: Ummm, it really hurts to not give this team a chance but since I really wasn’t planning on going to D.C., I’ll be sticking with the team that Lethul and I put together over XBL. We are going as Sicker Than Yo Average: Amish, Adrenaline, Blaze, Lethul.

MLG: Who was your stiffest competition in D.C.?

Bulletz: Victorious Secret.

Napolean: Ultimate.

Lethul: Definitely Victorious Secret, followed by Ultimate and then Livin’ the Dream.

Blaze: The security guards during the check-in… No joke, they meant business.

Victorious Secret may have been Vicious Intent’s biggest challenge in D.C.

MLG: What was the most memorable moment of the Event?

Blaze: Watching D-Maq play at the evaluation station.

Lethul: Probably when Clutch admitted that I was the best player in the game at the evaluation station.

Bulletz: The atmosphere of the Finals and how they made it a big deal—Main Stage, introductions, and commentating.

Napolean: WBR5, Sanctuary Flag. Some kid got one kill the entire game and it was on Blaze.

Lethul: He went 1-16!

MLG: Nice. Last but not least, any shout outs?

Blaze: Alpha, Strange, JeRawockee: they taught me Halo. Timmy Fo, Dr Tzn, Duval, Ayo Rage.

Bulletz: Shoutouts to Minority and his mom, Nerdpalace, and Julia Alexandria.

Lethul: I would like to give a shout out to Adrenaline, Amish Acorns, Mitch “Mountshy” for being a goon, Micah for driving Blaze and me to the event, Duval, Willy, and UoR Gaming.

Napolean: I would like to give a shout out to my boy Killzone, Monique, Barbie, Monster, Gunshot, Kiki, and most of all the Georgia players.