By: Ron Diehl

Real Name:Cory Sloss
Home State:CA
Current Team:Fnatic
First Event Attended: Anaheim 2006
Number of Events Attended:14
Best Placing:16th
Favorite Game Type:Zealot CTF
Controller Settings:Bumper Jumper, 4 Sensitivity, No Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games:Mortal Kombat
Hobbies:Sports, Dancing, Working Out

The BIC® Flex4® FFA Competition is on a quest to discover the best FFA talent at each Pro Circuit Competition of the 2011 Season. The top FFA player from each Event — the BIC® Flex4® Elite — will be flown to the 2011 MLG National Championships, where they’ll all compete on the Main Stage for the FFA crown and $4,000 in cash. Str8 Sick, the competition's overall champion in 2010, became the Season’s second winner in Columbus.

MLG: First off, tell us a little bit about your origins in competitive Halo. When and where did it all begin?

Str8 Sick: Back in the day I used to play Halo 1 with my family and friends, mostly my cousins. I used to dominate everyone [and] they never wanted to play against me. Ever since then I just kept playing and playing non-stop. I never played competitively until Halo 2.

MLG: As many fans know, you were last year's BIC® Flex4®FFA National Champion in Halo 3. That said, what's it like to get another shot at the title in Reach?

Str8 Sick: (laughs) I'm actually very excited to get another shot, especially since the prize money is now $4,000 rather than $2,500. I think I can take it again!

MLG: So do you think your success in the BIC® Flex4® has done a lot to raise your profile as a player? How did you come off a disappointing Top 28 finish in Dallas only to get picked u by a Pro team for Columbus?

Str8 Sick: Well, winning Free For All only does so much considering [a lot of people] judge me saying I'm a "FFA kid.” Yes, it has definitely raised my profile as a player, but some people still don't respect me. [As for Dallas], I really wasn't expecting to only place 28th, but when we did I didn't really know what to do. A week after Dallas I got a random text message from Elitest asking me if I wanted to team with him and Mikwen—so I definitely took the offer.

MLG: Word on the street is that you're planning to team with Dallas BIC® Flex4®FFA Winner P Tizype. Talk a little bit about your plans for Anaheim.

Str8 Sick: (laughs) Yes, he and I have actually wanted to form a team since Halo 3 but just never could establish the right roster. Everyone says that he and I are brothers since we look alike, are a day apart in age, and live ten minutes from each other. It's pretty funny (laughs).

Anyways, P Tizype, myself, Chig, and Russo are now a newly formed team. We have been doing very well together, working on our flaws and trying to patch up any empty parts for our team. We will definitely practice hard and try to come to the tournament pumped and on fire.

MLG: That said, what are you hoping to achieve with the team in terms of placement?

Str8 Sick: 1st always! Everyone wants to win!

MLG: (laughs) Fair enough. Realistically, where would you like to see yourself as a player a year from now?

Str8 Sick: At least placing Top 3 consistently and to finally have some respect!

MLG: Str8 Sick, thanks for taking the time to chat, and good luck this season.

Str8 Sick: Yeah of course. It's no problem, and thank you very much! I'd like to give a shoutout to my 'bro' P Tizype and my teammates Kyle (Chig) and Mike (Russo). Also, shoutouts to George (Frosty) and Ryan (Sneak E Beaver). I would also like to thank my Fnatic and all of my sponsors! Be sure to follow me on Twitter!

For your chance to earn one of the remaining coveted spots as a BIC® Flex4® Elite member and compete against Str8 Sick and P Tizype at the 2011 MLG National Championships, check out the details for the next BIC® Flex4® Live FFA in Anaheim, CA. Can’t make it to Anaheim? You can also start your quest in the free BIC® Flex4® Online FFA.