The anticipation surrounding MLG Raleigh is heating up, and MLG took the opportunity to sit down with DEHF, an SSBB Falco main from Southern California. Despite inconsistent placings at the first two MLG Events, DEHF is brimming with confidence as he heads into MLG Raleigh hot off of a win at Apex 2010. He was kind enough to give us his thoughts regarding his character, his MLG experiences, and what he expects from the upcoming Pro Circuit Competition.

MLG: Thanks for sitting down with MLG today, DEHF. You’ve been to both MLG Columbus and MLG Orlando, and have been successful enough to achieve pro status, placing 7th and 17th in those Events, respectively. What are your thoughts on the first two Events, and how do you think you will do at MLG Raleigh?

DEHF: Both Events were fun and enjoyable. I think they helped me get a grasp of the MLG experience. I don’t know how well I’ll do in Raleigh, but I’m aiming to win.

MLG: Sounds like the type of mentality needed to be successful. At MLG Columbus, you dropped a set early in Winners to a fairly unknown Wario main from Indiana named Krystedez. What did you do in order to regroup and still finish 17th, and how was Krystedez able to beat you in a matchup you normally excel at?

DEHF: I feel the reason I dropped a set to Krystedez was because I wasn’t nervous; I didn’t feel afraid to lose at that point. When I was sent to the Loser’s Bracket I was very afraid and didn’t want to lose, so that drove me to make up for my early loss.

DEHF’s Nervousness was Understandable

MLG: Besides Wario, what matchups have you been successful with in the past? What matchups seem to be more difficult for you?

DEHF: Olimar and Marth are other matchups I’m confident about. Pikachu is probably the only matchup that I don’t feel confident about.

MLG: While Pikachu is widely regarded as a very difficult matchup for Falco, Olimar and Marth aren’t considered particularly easy for him. What makes you so confident about those matchups, despite the difficulty?

DEHF: I’ve played with Mikehaze, a Marth main, and Rich Brown, an Olimar main (both from Southern California), pretty often. They are probably two matchups I play the most.

MLG: In addition to those two, we’ve seen a wide variety of characters place well at the first two MLG Events. What other players have you seen using obscure characters that have impressed you?

DEHF: San, the Ike main from New York, is probably one of the players I have the most respect for. He plays Ike exclusively and still places high at every national Event he’s been to. I think it takes a lot for a player to do that, especially with Ike.

MLG: San has impressed many people with his talent with Ike. What players are typically the most difficult for you to beat, or do you think will be the most difficult for you to beat?

DEHF: The most difficult player to beat would have to be M2K; he’s the best player in the world. After that I would say Esam, because he plays Pikachu and that’s a dangerous matchup for Falco.

MLG: At MLG Events thus far, you have played only Falco. Falco is extremely difficult to solo main, because he has trouble on stages such as Brinstar and Rainbow Cruise, and many people think he gets “countered” by both the Ice Climbers and Pikachu—as you noted. What makes you keep playing Falco exclusively, despite these difficulties?

Where will DEHF be sitting for the Finals in Raleigh?

DEHF: Because I know Falco can do well by himself despite what people say. I also don’t think Rainbow Cruise is a horrible stage to play as Falco; it’s just different. Additionally, I don’t think Falco gets countered by Ice Climbers—it’s just that most Falco players don’t know the matchup too well. Pikachu is hard, but I know I can win with Falco if I’m playing well.

MLG: We have seen a lot of character diversity towards the top at each of the first two MLG Events, as noted earlier. Many people thought Meta Knight would dominate with the MLG ruleset, but that has not been the case. What are your thoughts about the MLG ruleset, and are you surprised to see such a wide variety of characters placing well?

DEHF: I’m very surprised by the placings, but I feel that this is due to people crumbling under pressure. As for the ruleset, I feel that it will change in the future. At the moment there are too many stages that add luck in matches.

MLG: Speaking of character diversity, you just defeated Brood, an Olimar from Japan, in the finals of Apex 2010 (a 260-player Brawl tournament). On your way to winning the tournament, you defeated current MLG points leader Mew2King 2-1 in Winners Semifinals. Does this victory give you more confidence heading into Raleigh?

DEHF: It gives me a great deal of confidence. It showed me that I can actually win if I try hard enough.

MLG: In your march through the Apex brackets, we saw you counterpick Battlefield multiple times. Is Battlefield your favorite stage? If not, what is it? What is your least favorite stage?

DEHF: Yes, it is my favorite stage. I love it because it’s so easy to combo people on that stage as Falco. My least favorite stage is Rainbow Cruise.

MLG: Are there any players that have not done well at the first two MLG Events that you expect to perform very well at Raleigh?

DEHF: Havok! Sadly, he has had difficult brackets in previous MLG Events. If Havok gets a good bracket I think he’ll do very well.

MLG: You’ve done well in singles so far, but have not fared quite as well in teams. Do you think you will do better in teams at Raleigh, and do you think anyone will be
able to take down the duo of Ally and Mew2King?

DEHF: Atomsk and I are going take down Mew2King and Ally (laughs). Honestly, Mew2King and Ally are beatable for us if our teamwork is on point.

MLG: We will definitely be looking forward to the meetup between your team and Mew2King and Ally in the bracket. That concludes the interview; thank you for your time today, and best of luck at MLG Raleigh!

DEHF: Thanks! See you at Raleigh.