Coming off a fourth place finish at Orlando, and a tremendous upset against Str8 Rippin, MLG’s Jokr had a chance to sit down with the new Ambush team.

MLG: Nexus and Heinz, at San Diego you toppled first seeded Final Boss. After the event, both of you were dropped, formed a new team, and beat first Seeded Str8 Rippin at Orlando; Which victory was bigger?

Heinz: Str8 Rippin was a lot bigger because the games were a lot closer and we had something to prove after being dropped.

Nexus: I agree with Heinz. Str8 Rippin was basically huge for me, because not only were the games closer, but everyone thought it was a fluke that we beat Final Boss and we wanted to prove that we could do it [again].

MLG: Could you briefly tell us what happened in Game 5 of the first series against Str8 Rippin?

Nexus:Game 5, the famous Game 5, Pit TS. Basically, at the beginning they got rockets, overshield, weapon, and map control and the score was 47 to 35. I remember we started getting easy kills, they were rushing by themselves, and we realized if we could stay alive long enough, we could do it. So when the overshield was coming up, our coach told us…

Pistola: Pistola…

Nexus: Pistola told us we had to at least burn it, or make an attempt to get it, because if they got, it the game would be over. So I went down towards overshield and Legit was standing there. I shot him twice and he turned away from the overshield, which is what I wanted him to do, and I burnt it. I then killed Legit, turned around put a shot in Neighbor who was chasing me, then beat down and one shotted T2.

Heinz: I finished off Neighbor and Mudvayne killed Elamite.

Nexus: I went inside sword , Pistola somehow managed up in their shotgun with sniper. I don’t know how, but he spawn sniped T2 off spawn.

Heinz: I killed Neighbor in their courtyard and put shots into the spawners.

Nexus: And Mudvayne jumped from their training to courtyard ’cause they all spawned there. He got Elamite to one shot and I was about to jump out into their courtyard and finish off Elamite, but Legit was looking towards their plat so I just turned to the side and assassinated him. That was the fastest 30 seconds, it was ridiculous.

Heinz: The crowd got really loud when we…

Nexus When the score was 49 to 48 us I just remember screaming, I couldn’t even hear Heinz who was sitting next to me like seriously, I couldn’t hear anything just screaming and I just saw Legit and assassinated him, it was crazy.

[Editors Note: Ambush does a great job describing their Game 5 victory, but nothing beats watching the actual game itself. Included below for your viewing pleasure is WBR3 Ambush vs. Str8 Rippin.]

Heinz POV

MLG: You guys went on to play Str8 Rippin again and lose during the tournament, how did that feel?

Nexus: Playing Str8 Rippin again in Losers, we wanted to go in and win the first game and keep the momentum up. We were going to try and keep the energy up and try to throw them off. I think we played Narrows Game 1 and scored the first flag in like 20 seconds, but then they just started getting map control. There was like one or two close games, but they basically just had the momentum going in and they were the more experienced team and that’s what helped them out.

Pistola: Str8 Rippin had something to prove those games, so they played their hearts out. We were kind of Halo’ed out a little bit. We had never played Halo that long. My highest placing before that was tenth, so getting fourth was a huge deal for me.

Ambush was triumphant over Str8 in the Winners Bracket, but was unable to defeat them for a second time when the teams met in the Losers Bracket.

MLG: You recently replaced Mudvayne with Cloud, after teaming with each of them for an event. Why did you decide to pick back up Cloud for the fourth event?

Heinz: We feel a lot more confident with Cloud going into Toronto, because we think Cloud is a lot more individually skilled. A lot of people say he might not be, but after teaming with him for two events I know how good he is, and I feel like we’re better for it in the long run.

MLG: Pistola, after your phenomenal performance in the Free For All during the 2007 circuit your were considered an FFA player who didn’t know how to play in the 4v4 competition. How would you respond to this critique of your play style and what if anything are you doing differently this season?

Pistola I mean, it’s Halo for me. All I played in Halo 2 was free for all because I wanted to get good at it. So all I did was play 4v4 in Halo 3 so I got good at that.

Pistola was widely considered one of the best Halo 2 FFA players, and has now begun to emerge as a talented 4v4 player in Halo 3.

MLG: Cloud and Pistola were consistent top 8 Free For All players during the 2007 season, Heinz finished in the final 8 during the last round of Halo 2 Free For All Play, do you think you play Halo 3 differently than all the 4v4 veterans?

Heinz: I think we do play a little different and that’s what throws some teams off guard and it definitely helps to our advantage.

Nexus: I feel left out.

MLG: While other teams have been making team changes one player at a time, Ambush and Believe the Hype have tried out various rosters from the same pool of 9 different players. Do you feel this has helped you gain the edge on the competition by establishing the best possible team and player dynamics?

Heinz: I definitely think that we have the best combination possible right now and that’s why we chose Cloud over Mudvayne.

MLG: How does this team differ from 9th placing Believe the Hype from Meadowlands (Cloud, Nexus, Heinz, Mudvayne), 6th placing Believe the Hype from San Diego (Cloud, Nexus, Heinz, Silent) and 4th placing Ambush from Orlando (Nexus, Heinz, Mudvayne, IGoTYourPistola) in terms of playstyles?

Heinz: It’s not all about playstyles, but I think this team gets along a lot better cause I know that on the San Diego team Nexus and Silent didn’t get along at all. So that really ruined our chemistry. But all four of us get along really well so we’ll have more fun practicing and get better by enjoying it.

Nexus: After we played Final Boss at San Diego Silent said top 6 was good. And it was like he didn’t care.

Heinz:I think playstyle wise we’re a lot more aggressive with Pistola cause there’s no one that can out BR him.

MLG: Cloud, back on Believe The Hype you dropped two teammates after toppling the first seeded team in San Diego. The two players you dropped (Heinz and Nexus) have now decided to pick you back up. What was the reasoning behind the decision and what are your thoughts about it right now?

Cloud: Well, after the tournament we all thought that Nexus sucked…

Nexus: (Laughs)

Cloud:… and we wanted to drop him, and Silent tells me that Gun Shot is really good so we wanted to pick up him. And then GunShot tells us that he won’t team without Eli so we decided to drop Heinz and pick up Eli and Gun Shot. We were thinking that we’d be really good and then we sucked.

Nexus: They lost to Laquatus for Top 8.

Cloud: Yeah I felt terrible after.

Heinz: Laquatus.

Nexus: Laquatus.

Ambush is hoping Cloud will be the force that drives them into the Top 3.

MLG: How are you preparing for Toronto where you are likely to match up against last tournaments champion Triggers Down?

Nexus: Just like every other tournament, we’re gonna mess around for four weeks and then the week before, decide we have to practice, and we’re gonna practice and just go in and try to destroy. No, but seriously, this time I want us to be prepared for everything. And I want us to make sure that we’re well rounded in every game type. Not just a specific few like we were on the past teams. San Diego Believe the Hype we didn’t lose Guardian Oddball. There are some gametypes that we were really sick at but I want to make sure that we have everything covered, that we know what we’re doing no matter what gametype and what’s thrown at us.

Heinz: We want to make sure that going into Toronto our team doesn’t have any weak gametypes, so that we can’t say after the tournament we lost that because that’s our weak gametype. We’re going to practice probably every day and go over everything together, so there are no weak spots on our team. We’re going to be thinking against TD that we can beat them.

Pistola: Before Orlando I know that all of us pretty much slacked off. I took a little break, so we’re going to be really focused this tournament after getting Top 4 and we think we can have a shot at first.

Heinz: We realize that we can compete with the top teams so we want to make sure that we stay up there.

MLG: How does your coach help in competition?

Heinz: Bullzeye is the best coach because he keeps us motivated.

Nexus: My brother is a sick coach. He keeps track of everything, He keeps us going and he’s usually really funny mid game.

Pistola: I love Eric.

MLG: Halfway into the season what do you think has been established by this point that wasn’t clear at the start of the season?

Heinz: Each team matches up against each other differently, which is why we’ve seen a lot of upsets. The skill gap isn’t that wide yet, and no perfect strats have been established, so whoever works together wins.

Pistola: Whoever has a better team shot wins, pretty much. I think at Meadowlands no one played really well except Final Boss and (Classic) because they played a lot. They understood the game because they played it more than other people and then a bunch of the other top 8 players were like: OK, we still have a shot, we’re gonna practice for San Diego and we’re gonna do well. That’s why you saw a bunch of people do really well at San Diego. Like Str8 got 5th (at Meadowlands) and then they only lost one game the next tournament.

MLG: Thanks for your time guys, any last minute shout outs?

Cloud: Snuff, Death, ManhunteRR.
Heinz: Frair, our number one fan Meagan.
Nexus: Twylight, Lammie.
Pistola: The two Pistola Bros, Killen, Drummer and Smiley.