Mew2King has long been a member of the Smash community, but it was only in the last year that he became one of the most-feared players in the game. We took a moment to look at his recent performances at Farmingdale and Pound 2 and also his ambition to become the best in the world.

MLG: At the end of 2005 you were off the radar of most people. Then, through 2006, you constantly improved and now stand as one of the best players in the game. What did you do to make that leap from good to great?

Mew2King: I think about the game a lot and practice a lot, basically, so I’m always getting better ideas for tricks to use.

Mew2King looks to take the top singles spot at the next MLG Smash Series stop, FC Diamond

MLG: Did you have any early mentors, so to speak?

Mew2King: I trained myself, then after FC6 last year, Cactuar and I trained each other a lot.

MLG: For much of 2006, Fox was considered your best character. What made you want to transition to Marth and which character do you feel is your best now?

Mew2King: My “MLG Controller” broke just before Las Vegas and ever since I couldn’t play Fox nearly as well as before because my new controller was too stiff. Because of this, I changed mains to Marth, which was my second best character at the time, along with Sheik (which no one knows about), because he was easier to use with a stiff controller. As I broke my controller in more during the following months, Marth became my best character. My Fox is really good in teams, though, so you will usually see me use Fox or Sheik for teams, but almost always Fox.

MLG: Regarding controllers, you sometimes move you fingers into a “claw” position. Do you know when and why you do this?

Mew2King: I don’t pay attention to the way I hold the controller; I just do whatever feels best for doing what I want at times. Can’t elaborate any better than that.

MLG: How do you feel about taking second place at Pound 2 and Farmingdale?

Mew2King: I know I could have gotten first if I was playing better and smarter. I think I choked and I hopefully will do better next time.

MLG: What is your ultimate goal in Smash?

Mew2King: Become recognized as the best in the world.

MLG: What did you do to prepare for Pound 2?

Mew2King: Played and thought about strategies a lot, basically.

MLG: At Farmingdale you teamed with Isai and managed to take first place in a close set with ChuDat and Chillin. You’re teaming with Isai again at Melee-FC Diamond; do you hope to reproduce your success?

Mew2King: Hopefully, yeah.

Mew2King won the doubles competition at Farmingdale with Isai

MLG: Which team do you think will give you the biggest challenge?

Mew2King: ChuDat and Chillin or PC Chris and Cort.

MLG: At Pound 2 you teamed with PC Chris and met the same success you had found at Farmingdale. Do you consider yourself a good team player or was it PC Chris’ and your tremendous individual skill that got you through the bracket and to the top?

Mew2King: Honestly, PC Chris and I were both playing pretty badly on Sunday at Pound, but we won anyway.

MLG: Are you at a point now where it should be expected of you to win even on your bad days then?

Mew2King: Yes I am expected to win all the time, however, I hate that because I’m really inconsistent in how I’m playing. Some days I’m playing really well and I can basically do anything I’m thinking of. When my tech skill is on, and I know it, I have a good mindset. I do things I really want to do usually, and that affects my entire game as a whole. When I get discouraged, I play worse in every way. My entire flow of my tech skill is off, and my mindset/mentality is bad so I’m expecting myself to do badly. I usually mess things up this way and make decisions I normally wouldn’t.

At Pound 2 on Sunday I was off, and I was mad because I was off. The crowd was making me frustrated, which gave me a bad mentality of myself, which made me play stupider than I normally would. I can’t always win, I’m not a robot, I won’t always be playing my best and doing everything I really want to do. I think people need to understand that without always expecting the best of me every time. No one is perfect. In order for me to be considered the best, I have to become more consistent, and that’s a big goal of mine right now.

MLG: Which team gave you the biggest challenge at Pound 2?

Mew2King: Well since we didn’t fight Chillin and ChuDat, I guess none of the teams were hard, actually.

MLG: Moving the conversation to singles, at Pound 2 you essentially tore through everyone until you ran into ChuDat. What makes ChuDat a difficult match up for you and do you think you’ll have an answer for him at Melee-FC Diamond?

Mew2King: I’m bad against Ice Climbers. I think I can win if I play better next time though.

Mew2King with his friends and colleagues, Isai and PC Chris

MLG: Do you think you stand a good chance of winning FC? What could hinder your success?

Mew2King: I think I’ll win if I’m playing my best. If I’m not playing that well, I’ll most likely lose.

MLG: Are you doing anything to help minimize any roadblocks you might face?

Mew2King: I practice an average of a few hours a day, but not every day because I often don’t feel like playing alone. I don’t care too much about losing to ChuDat, because he’s a friend of mine. I’d rather not lose to people I dislike though (I won’t name whom) because then I’d be disappointed.

MLG: How does pressure affect you as a player and are you working to improve how you handle things?

Mew2King: That’s my main problem. When there’s too much pressure, I play a lot worse and a lot more predictable. I don’t know if I will be able to improve it, hopefully I can, but it is one of my main problems.

I think if I had more support from people, it would make me less nervous and I would play a lot better. Support really helps me a lot for some reason, but sadly most people are usually against me and that makes me frustrated and play worse.

MLG: Any final thoughts about FC? Is there anything else you would like to add in general?

Mew2King: FC6, which I went to last year, was well run and hopefully FC Diamond will also be as good. I hope I play well and win or, if I don’t win, I want PC or Isai or one of my other good friends to win.

MLG: Thanks for your time.

Mew2King: Thanks.