The second in a series of pro interviews about Halo 3, MLG discussed the third Halo game with Cpt Anarchy and Vash. Read on for some interesting takes on the game and some hints about where these players will be in 2008.

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Cpt Anarchy

MLG: What are your favorite elements of Halo 3?

Cpt Anarchy talks Halo 3

Cpt Anarchy: I like the fact that this time around it takes a little bit more skill in shooting, but you still can’t outshoot like two people in a row like you could in H1, if you get into a fight and win you’re most likely going to die if you get into another one. I like the fact that you have to lead some of your shots even on LAN, but shooting on LAN and live are two different things.

MLG: After playing three seasons of Halo 2, what’s it like to switch over to Halo 3? What elements are similar to Halo 2; which are different?

Cpt Anarchy: Halo 3 has a completely different feel, when I load it up, its not like I’m playing Halo, it’s like I’m playing tribes and unreal combined with the intention of Halo 2. Similar elements in H2 are people are still jumping when they shoot, which is funny, you can’t get away with some of the stuff you could in H2, like being no shields and siding it away. People die after putting seven shots into them. I don’t miss the lunges in Halo 2 at all, and I won’t miss the BxR at all either; that was dumb.

One thing I will miss from Halo 2 is some of the maps, such as Sanctuary, Midship, and Warlock.

MLG: Do you think glitches will emerge like they did in H2?

Cpt Anarchy: There really isn’t any glitch right now that can work towards your advantage, like that double melee people found out, it’s kind of hard to land. It seems like you cancel your melee more than 3/4 of the time you try to land it. The game right now is a bit slow, but I’m sure if someone figures out a way to shot faster as soon as you switch your weapons, just like in H2 with the sword you were able to pull it out fast and lunge right away I forget the buttons but it was pretty sweet. But eventually glitches will be used and speed up the game.

MLG: Are you bumper jumpering?

Cpt Anarchy: No, but even if I think bumper jumper is sweet; it just doesn’t feel natural playing Halo and jumping. Cool you can jump and bump but someone with a better shot will own you even if you jump.

I’d rather stick to default and start clawing since it’s rather easy to claw on a 360 controller.

MLG: Do you find reduction in lunge to be a positive thing? The new shotgun?

Cpt Anarchy: Yes I think the reduction is a positive thing; I hated being lunged at by someone 15 feet away from me, it’s pure luck not something sick you pulled off, all you had to do was hit BXB and you would lunge for days, that takes no skill, in this game melees are fair, besides the health factor (whoever has more health wins) which I find completely absurd.

I love the new shotgun. It actually works and it’s dangerous. I always try to have that as my secondary; it’s my favorite up-close gun. The mauler though is ridiculous, it’s too good, it’s a BXR, everyone in matchmaking uses it and it’s annoying having someone chase you down across a map trying to mauler you followed by a melee.

MLG: What is your favorite weapon? Map?

Cpt Anarchy: My favorite weapon right now is the sniper, then the rockets. I always try to go for those on any map right off the start. The rockets are faster this time around, but the splash damage is a little weak. The sniper takes more skill and I like getting the harder headshots. My favorite map was Narrows at first just because it’s a battle trying to push into the enemy’s side of the map and it always happens near the sniper which is fun, but my new favorite map is The Pit. It reminds me a lot of Hang ‘em High, it’s really balanced, and I love how there are all kinds of things you can go for while protecting another thing. For example, watching camo or going for rockets. The only thing that needs to be figured out on that map are the spawns. Pit CTF is the hardest game type due to the spawns, so once people figure the spawns out the game type itself will move more quickly.

MLG: Have you played around with Forge at all? What type of impact do you see it having on competitive play?

Cpt Anarchy: I mess around in forge a little bit, but you can easily change something to make it more balanced for competitive play without a doubt. I just wish you could remove shield doors. If you could, Epitaph would be a sick map for CTF. You can always keep a game type fresh and if you don’t like it, poof, it’s gone thanks to Forge.

MLG: Do you like equipment? For competitive play?

Cpt Anarchy: No, I couldn’t picture myself running a flag and then someone dropping a bubble shield and not being able to kill the flag guy. For example: running the flag on The Pit in camo, you throw the shield down and someone is waiting for you in there with a shotgun as the flag guy gets away, I can’t picture people yelling “omg that was sick.” No, that was bs! So no equipment.

MLG: Where will Anarchy be in 2008?

Cpt Anarchy: As of right now, it’s looking to be myself, Naded, SK (formally Halogod) and the fourth is still undecided. We decided to make this team at E for All. Even though I had only played the game for like four days, I was owning, then got online and still kept it up. They liked what they saw, as did I, and we all have the same idea, “we want to be the best and win” so hopefully we find the right fourth and destroy.

MLG: Parting words?

Cpt Anarchy: Good luck to any noobs aspiring to be pro! Watch out for Trigger Down in 08!


MLG: What are your favorite elements of Halo 3?

Vash (far left) with Legendz in 2007

Vash: Well so far in Halo 3 I enjoy the lack of auto aim on the battle rifle, carbine, and sniper. I also like how almost every gun has its own unique ability and counter-weapon to defeat it. You have to be versatile with all weapons in this game to be successful.

I dislike a lot of things about Halo 3, unfortunately. For one, the maps are lacking in creativity. The weapons seem almost too easy to use beside the Battle rifle/sniper. I also think this is the worst melee system in any game that I have ever played. The first few days of playing this game I noticed that if you have less health in a melee fight and you melee your opponent first, there is still a good chance he will melee you a split second after and win the fight. I don’t think health should determine who wins a melee fight, I think it should have to do with who melees first. This new melee system prevents good players from doing anything sick or getting out of tight situations. Everything is so easy in Halo 3 that it seems hard to do anything disgusting in general, you can be killed so easily with all the powerful new weapons.

MLG: After playing three seasons of Halo 2, what’s it like to switch over to Halo 3? What elements are similar to Halo 2; which are different?

Vash: Well it seems to have a Halo 2 design/feel to it but the shooting is much harder with the sniper/BR, sort of like H1. The transition from H2 to H3 was not difficult at all. It’s almost like a Halo 2 on steroids and taking away all the glitches/maps. The teamwork is still there from H2 and the weapons are so easy to use that once you figure out spawns the game is very simple. It might be harder to shoot, but currently I think it is an easier game than H2 if you played the default Bungie settings. With MLG settings the game seems a bit harder and more strategic, but it’s still not very different from H2. Jumping is still useful, the BR is still your stock gun, and team-shooting is pretty much key to winning games. I would say it’s slower than H2, but slightly more tactical.

MLG: Are you bumper jumpering?

Vash: Yea, I recently switched to bumper jumper because having mobility in this game is very important.

Plus being able to jump-shoot is very important.

MLG: Do you find reduction in lunge to be a positive thing? The new shotgun?

Vash: The reduction in lunge is excellent, this way you actually have to be near an opponent to hit them (omgz noooooo). This prevents kids like Nicholas Johnson aka BestMan from out-meleeing me from 10 feet away. I like this feature because it is also hard to melee through people.

The new shotgun is very powerful and very easy to use. It’s pretty much a kill every time you use it. Applied with the bubble shield or a camo and it’s just unfair. It’s the definition of what the shotgun was supposed to be in H1/H2, even though I prefer the H1 shotty because of the range it had.

MLG: Would you consider it a power weapon now?

Vash: Yes. This game doesn’t seem to have your typical one or two power weapon per map rule. It seems that there are sick weapons everywhere on the map. Example, two snipes on The Pit, rockets, two shotties, and a sword. Top it all off you have a camo and an overshield.

MLG: Have you played around with Forge at all? What type of impact do you see it having on competitive play?

Vash: I think the idea of Forge is perfect for competitive play. They just need to actually make it fully customizable instead of getting our hopes up. Placing weapons, spawns, barrels and so on is cool, but I think it would be better if they put some more work into the timing system of weapons/power-ups.

MLG: What is your favorite weapon? Map?

Vash: My favorite weapons are battle rifle and the spartan laser. The reason I say spartan laser is because it is like sniping with rockets. My favorite maps are Guardian, The Pit, and Narrows.

MLG: Wow, do you think you’ll be the only pro player to say laser as favorite weapon?

Vash: Yea, probably, most pros would just say the sniper because of their obsessions.

MLG: Do you like equipment? For competitive play?

Vash: I mean the only one I see being useful would be the gravity lift or maybe even the regenerator. The bubble shield can’t be countered, it is basically only beaten by time or close range combat. I don’t think it should be in competitive play.

MLG: Have you played with anyone who has really impressed you yet?

Vash: No, not really, everyone seems to be on the same level of skill. I don’t think individual skill will shine in this game as much as teamwork and strategy will.

MLG: What advice would you give to the up-and-comer?

Vash: Always learn from your mistakes, take advantage of theater, get three other people who you trust, and practice like crazy.

MLG: Where will we see Vash in 2008?

Vash: Up at the top along with some of my friends.

MLG: Care to elaborate?

Vash: Top 8 for sure and I’ll be teaming with people who live around me whom I trust.

MLG: Parting words?

Vash: My roommates are emotional H3 players (mehga blackstar)

Defy, give me my team name back, you are unworthy.