The MLG National Championships in Dallas will feature the largest StarCraft 2 player field and prize pool in Pro Circuit history. And when the action comes to a close on Sunday, one player will earn the right to call themselves the first MLG StarCraft 2 National Champion.

Idra is making the trip back from Korea to defend his D.C. title against several familiar names and some very strong players who are making their MLG debut. Let’s take a look at how the field shapes up, and see who has a shot at taking down the American Zerg master Idra.

The Returning Favorites

All of the Top 8 from D.C. will be back in Dallas and looking to take down Idra. Select, Huk, Kiwikaki, Drewbie, LiquidTyler, Slush and AGH have all shown that they have what it takes to make it though a tough bracket and take home MLG prize money. But do they have what it takes to dethrone the champion? German Protoss player Socke, who placed 3rd in Raleigh, will also be returning to the Pro Circuit after missing D.C.

The New Kids on the Block

MLG Dallas will be host to over a dozen top-tier StarCraft 2 players who are making their debut on the Pro Circuit. GSL-qualifier TLO, Haypro, Jinro and Nazgul will join their Liquid teammates Huk, Tyler and Ret in Dallas. Fnatic has also bolstered its presence in Dallas, adding on Peruvian Terran and IEM NY champion Fenix, as well as the ever-talented Taiwanese Zerg player Sen, who will be joining forces with TTOne and Gretorp.

EG is also adding on some talent for Dallas, bringing 9th-ranked StrifeCro and Axslav, the 12th-ranked North American player on the ladder, to go along with MLG veterans InControl, Machine, LzGamer, Inka and Idra. They’re going to have to look out for MLG newcomers NRG, though. The four-man NRG roster in Dallas features two players (DDE and Vibe) who are in the Top 25 of the North American ladder, as well as AhhBoxxah, who recently performed a 4-0 sweep of EG in a clan war.

A few other notables making their debut at Dallas are Zerg player Zelniq (24th in NA), the famous Youtube caster and former MLG caster HDStarcraft, Bubba from Root Gaming, and AllAboutYou, who is currently ranked 3rd on the North American ladder.

With a wealth of new talent, the brackets at Dallas are sure to get shaken up early and often. The action will undoubtedly be the best we’ve seen on the Pro Circuit to date as 128 players battle for the largest prize pool in MLG SC2 history. The best teams in the world will be out in full force, and just like in D.C. and Raleigh, a few relative unknowns will be looking to make a run through the Open Bracket. Be sure to stay tuned in all weekend on for the Season finale!

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