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MLG is pleased to announce the full v3 settings that will be used for Halo: Reach at MLG Dallas, as well as the list and full explanation of the map pool that will be used for StarCraft 2 in Dallas.

The StarCraft 2 map pool was selected in order to assure the best possible gameplay and balance among the races. MLG Dallas will use several maps from the current Blizzard ladder (modified by MLG) as well as a GSL map and a new map. The new map, like all the others in the pool, is now available on

Full MLG Dallas StarCraft 2 map list and explanation of modifications

The official MLG Halo: Reach v3 settings incorporate the unique properties of Reach, ensuring the level of competition and excitement that you've come to expect from MLG Halo. Round-by-round Game Types will be announced shortly.

Full official MLG Halo: Reach v3 Settings

Passes for MLG Dallas Events go on sale tomorrow, March 1, at 7pm ET. Seasoned pros and amateurs alike will be out in force to prove themselves at the inaugural Pro Circuit Competition of 2011. Join us in Dallas and be a part of the future of competitive gaming!


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