The final tournament of Major League Gaming’s 2010 Season was packed with historic finishes. The weekend’s action saw a champion emerge from the Open Bracket, a team string together a baker’s dozen of consecutive victories from the Losers Bracket to take the title, and an epic dynastic finish. Below, we give you a minute-by-minute recap of the defining moments and events from all six Pro Circuit titles.


5:30 pm- The weekend’s first frags are logged, as 179 Halo: Reach teams start the action in Dallas. The Exhibition Event would be a taste of things to come, as Halo: Reach is poised to join the Pro Circuit in 2011. Competitors looked to gain experience and exposure, while preparing themselves for the inevitable arrival of current Halo 3 pros on the Reach scene next Season.

5:30 pm- The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Open Bracket competition begins, with nearly 200 Smashers vying for just 8 tickets into the Championship Bracket.

5:35 pm - A rowdy crowd gathers for the start of the StarCraft 2 competition, with a field of 126 competitors battling for top honors.

9:24 pm – In the All-Star Classic, Halo 3′s East squad look to renew their claim as the home of superior talent. The East were surprisingly beaten by the West in 2009′s Classic, but it was business as usual in Dallas as the East tops the exhibition 5 – 2. Congratulations to Ogre 2, Victory X, Pistola, Elamitewarrior, Enable, Heinz, Flamesword and Bestman.

10:40 pm - Another chapter is added to the long-standing East Coast versus West Coast Smash rivalry. Continuing the legacy set by such combatants as Ken and Azen, a new class of Smashers battle to prove regional supremacy. The West’s roster of Ally, Tyrant, LeeMartin and RichBrown secures a 3 – 1 victory over the East.

10:43 pm - The West adds to its All-Star Classic tally by taking Tekken 4 – 3, thanks to the efforts of Nin, JustFrameJames, Holeman and Suiken.


11:26 am – In just their second match of the Halo: Reach tournament, 13th seed UoR Syra are swept to the Loser’s Bracket by 77th seed Cloud 10. A poor start to the tournament by any standards, but perhaps just the always-necessary Saturday morning wakeup call. For any team falling in Winners Bracket Round 3, a prospective trip to the Finals requires 11 consecutive match victories.

12:00 pm – The carnage kicks off in Halo 3 action as eight teams begin their bid for MLG’s National Championship. Pre-tournament hopes are quickly met with tournament realities, as Dynasty becomes the first team to crash into the Losers Bracket.

2:27 pm - A critical upset strikes in Dallas, as Tekken tournament powerhouse Holeman goes two and out. The Columbus Champ loses in his opening two matches to EBM and JDCR, leaving only the Tekken 3v3 competition available to him as consolation.

4:36 pm – Nearly 24 hours after the start of the Event, 8 Smashers emerge from the Open Bracket. A large variety of characters are represented, as Logic (Olimar), Gnes (Diddy), Puffball64 (Sonic), X (Sonic) advance via the Winner’s Bracket and Mike Haze (Marth), Dojo (Meta Knight), MJG (Toon Link) and DEHF (Falco) advance via the Loser’s Bracket.

6:30 pm - In Halo: Reach action, Power upsets veteran roster Perfect Storm to ensure that none of the tournament’s Top 4 seeds progress into Round 7 of the Winner’s Bracket. The competition is littered with upsets, as teams and strategies are yet to be well-established, and a high seed means little in the beginning of a new competitive era.

6:51 pm - D.C. Champion Idra’s Zerglings can’t hold off Select’s Terran pressure. Idra exits in Losers Bracket Round 8, outside of the Top 16.

7:45 pm - The Modern Warfare 2 festivities kick off, as top seeded Influence live up to their ranking with a swift 3 – 1 victory over 8th seed Art of Execution.

8:00 pm - The Tekken 1v1 competition comes to a close, as Anakin wins each of his Championship Bracket matches. His prowess with Jack proves to be too much for the Tekken field. In addition to the $12,500 National Championship prize, Anakin receives a 2-player, sit-down Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion arcade cabinet and an all-expense paid five-day, four-night trip to Japan to visit Namco Game Studio.

Tekken 6 Final Standings:
1st – Anakin
2nd – Kor
3rd – Fab
4th – Knee
5th – Nin
6th – Crow
7th – AO
8th – JustFrameJames


9:30 am - In an unlikely turn of events, tournament favorites (1) Heaven and Earth and (2) Perfect Storm meet in Loser’s Bracket Round 10 in a battle to reach the Top 8. Many predicted these two veteran rosters would square off in the Winners Bracket Finals,so the pairing of these two teams so early in the Loser’s Bracket served as evidence of just how difficult and unpredictable the Halo: Reach bracket would be. In the end, it was Heaven and Earth who took the matchup, sending Karma, Legit, Naded and KillerDrew packing.

11:00 am - Status Quo begin their long road to the Finals with a Losers Bracket meeting against Believe the Hype. The team will go on to log three consecutive victories against Believe the Hype, Triggers Down, and Instinct to take their best finish ever. This is quite a turnaround from their 7th Place finish last month in D.C.

12:40 pm - Unlike the brackets of SSBB, Halo Reach and Tekken, the competition in Modern Warfare 2 has by and large favored the higher seeds. (4) Optic Gaming eliminate (7) Mutiny, leaving only the Top 4 seeds in the running.

1:06 pm - After winning eight consecutive Brawl matches without dropping a game, Gnes loses Game 2 of the Winners Bracket Finals against ESAM. Although his 20-game unbeaten streak was snapped, Gnes would go on to take the match 3 – 1 and advance to the Dallas National Championship.

2:38 pm - Gnes takes Dallas! His Diddy Kong tactics netted him a well-deserved $12,500 check. Gnes battled from the Dallas Open Bracket, stringing together match after match to ultimately win the title with just a single game loss on his record.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Final Standings:
1st – Gnes
2nd – Tyrant
3rd – ESAM
4th – Ally
5th – Espy
6th – X
7th – LeeMartin
8th – Atomsk

2:50 pm - Minutes after Gnes’ SSBB victory from the Open Bracket, Halo: Reach squad UoR SyA top the feat with arguably the most incredible Loser’s Bracket rally witnessed in MLG history. After starting the Event with an abysmal 1 – 1 record, UoR SyA string together 13 consecutive match victories, including two 2 – 0 sweeps in the Finals against Hot Shots. In the end, UoR SyA are very convincing in their performances, posting an overall 26 – 6 record. All four SyA members placed within the Top 6 of individual Kill/Death differentials.

Halo: Reach Final Standings:
1st – UoR SyA: Adrenaline, Amish_Acorns, Lxthul, Blaze
2nd – Hot Shots: Batmayne, Monster, GunShot, InSaiyan
3rd – UoR Victorious Secret: SwiftKil, Calmm, xWatch, Monix
4th – Darkest Hour: Goofy, Russo, Scarvayne, Twylight

2:53 pm - Final Boss make an expected return to the Winners Bracket Finals, against familiar sparring partners Instinct. Final Boss make quick work of the match, winning in a convincing 3 – 0 sweep.

4:00 pm - Team Vietnam (Bronson/Anakin/Trungy) top usually dominant Team Korea (Knee/Nin/Holeman) to take the Tekken team title. The match is highlighted by a series of great performances by individual Tekken champion Anakin. It is a truly complete tournament performance for Anakin, who caps the weekend by beating all three members of Team Korea in a row.

4:53 pm - Three years of Halo 3 competition come to a thrilling conclusion, as Final Boss emerge victorious over Status Quo. For Major League Gaming’s most storied franchise, the result was quite a turnaround from their lackluster 8th Place finish in 2009′s National Championship. Their last 7 Event finishes were 9th, 8th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st, representing a true return to glory for the franchise. In the end, Final Boss finish their Halo 3 campaign the same way they started it at Meadowlands 2008. For Ogre 2, the accomplishment served as a perfect addition to his extensive Halo resume, as he has now finished all three Halo titles with a National Championship victory. And the $100,000 Final Boss earned for their efforts isn’t bad either.

Halo 3 Final Standings:
1st – Final Boss
2nd – Status Quo
3rd – Instinct
4th – Triggers Down
5th – Belive the Hype
6th – Dynasty
7th – Warriors
8th – Carbon

5:22 pm - Top seeded Influence complete their route of the Dallas field, proving that the ranking they earned online was truly deserved. Influence bag $12,000 for their efforts, as well as the title of Modern Warfare 2 National Champions.

Modern Warfare Final Standings:
1st – Influence
2nd – Leverage
3rd – Xtravagant
4th – Optic Gaming

5:44 pm –89th seed LiquidJinro’s masterful Terran tactics earn him the StarCraft 2 title. It was the perfect cap to a weekend filled with upsets and surprises. MLG Dallas witnessed low-seeded and/or unexpected champions in Events Events: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Halo: Reach, Tekken 6 and StarCraft 2.

StarCraft 2 Final Standings
1st – LiquidJinro
2nd – FnaticTT1
3rd – Pain User
4th – LiquidTyler
5th – LiquidTLO
6th – EG machine
7th – LiquidRet
8th – Root Drewbie