Here is the full player list for MLG Columbus StarCraft 2. The field of talent—from North America, from Europe, and from Korea—is vast, and the competition should be fierce. The Event is fully sold out, although you may have a chance at getting a competitor pass by joining the waiting list. Competitor passes will also be sold at the door during check-in for $80, if cancelations create open spots in the Event.

In addition to the names below, there will be one confirmed late addition; the winner of the CSN tournament will be attending and will play through the Open Bracket.

The four invited Korean players have been seeded 17th-20th, as explained in the Official Competition Format.

Please note: seeds are not official until the close of player check-in on Friday, June 3 at 5pm, and this list is subject to change at any time. 

Players are listed under the MLG ID with which they registered for the tournament.


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