In addition to three days of insane gameplay, MLG Columbus provided us with a wealth of information that should be of great interest to players and fans alike. From the most banelings made in a single game, right down to a detailed race-by-race and map-by-map win/loss breakdown, we've got the stats, and we're sharing them with you. So without further ado, here it is: MLG Columbus by the numbers.

Percentage of Players of Each Race

Zerg: 34.38%
Protoss: 25%
Terran: 40.63%

Win Percentage by Matchup: Entire Tournament




Protoss: 46.51%

Protoss: 54%

Terran: 43.21%

Zerg: 53.49%

Terran: 46%

Zerg: 56.79%


Matchups by Map:

Average APM of the Top 32

Of note: the player with the higher APM won the game 58.46% of the time. If one player's APM was at least 50 greater than the other's, that player won 65.7% of the time.

Fun Facts

The infamous (106)VTavilo vs (170)Bosnic Game 2 topped the list of "most x in a single game" so many times it skewed all our results and needed a section of its own:

  • 52 nukes built, 40 launched
  • 180 mules built
  • 36 warpgates built
  • 335 units warped in
  • 21 salvaged bunkers

Huge thanks go out to Stephen Basile for providing all the stats for this piece. We'll be bringing you even more statistical analysis after Anaheim. 


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