Another trade deadline has come to the 2007 Boost Mobile MLG Pro Circuit and with it comes yet another series of shocking team changes that are sure to have far-reaching consequences as the second half of the season gets started. Halo teams on the Pro Circuit continue to desperately search for the right combination of players to carry them into the prize pool and earn enough points for those coveted invites at the National Championships coming this Fall.

Final Boss and Carbon predictably maintained the same lineups headed into Chicago, both teams confident that they sit high above any potential challengers currently on the circuit. However, only four other teams inside the Top 16 share that kind of confidence in their squad. Fourth-ranked 5k and sixth-ranked Nice Like Rice will maintain their rosters after a solid performance from each squad in Dallas. Joining the returning teams are Xit Woundz, who earned their first top-eight finish of the year in Dallas and Time 2 Prove, who seem to have found a consistent team of four for events. So while these six teams will be familiar to fans in Chicago, another ten squads inside the professional ranks will not.

Legit and Naded: A duo once thought inseparable has parted ways.

The most notable change headed into the fourth event of the year is ElamiteWarrior’s release from FBI The Agency, who picked up former Str8 Rippin and Perfect Storm member Naded in his place. This came as a huge shock to pro gaming fans this week, as Naded and former teammate Legit have long been considered one of the tour’s inseparable duos. Naded’s impressive slaying skills should match well with the talents of the other Agency players, Victory X, Halogod and Mackeo, but picking up such a strong individual player in place of the more support-oriented role that Elamite played has many fans wondering if this lineup can continue to be consistent in objective gametypes. Make sure to watch this squad closely in Chicago to see just how they will perform.

ElamiteWarrior headed from The Agency and joined up with Str8 Rippin, a squad that has struggled to maintain a lineup all season. Legit will also be joining Str8, the team he left after a fifth-place finish in Charlotte. These two new players will fit the holes left from the release of Mimic and Havok. Tsquared and Neighbor round out this lineup, headed into their third event together and the fourth iteration of this squad so far in 2007. This should prove to be an interesting squad to watch. Tsquared’s control of the power weapons is legendary, and his battle rifle has improved tremendously in 2007. Neighbor and Legit add an incredible amount of slaying prowess, while Elamite’s support and objective work should round this unit out nicely. With a good performance in Chicago, Str8 Rippin may have finally found a unit that will stick together, which is certainly good news for fans of the squad.

With the loss of Naded and Legit, Perfect Storm recruited the talents of Fonzi and Soviet, a pair of league veterans that they hope will propel the team forward, despite the loss of two such incredible slayers. FBI ICON will also be making a change in Chicago, releasing Butt3z and losing Tupac to free agency. Former Str8 Rippin members Havok and Mimic will now join Timeliest Brute and Slim, hoping to improve on their disappointing finish in Dallas. These changes mean that half of the top-eight rosters from Dallas will be different in Chicago and make any bracket and every matchup difficult to call.

After a great deal of success this season, The Agency has decided to shake up their roster a bit in hopes of taking their game to the next level

Outside of those top-ranked squads, the tour will be seeing even more changes. After being released from ICON, Butt3z found a new home on Pain X, replacing DynoMike on that lineup. The original Type Z squad has reformed, with Ownation rejoining the squad and Fossik being released to free agency. Joining the team-changing spree are each of the four bottom-ranked professional teams, Perfect Balance, LeGendZ, RoC and H2K.

Chicago has earned a reputation for being the MLG Pro Circuit’s “Upset City” and considering the sweeping changes made to the professional squads attending, there is little doubt that the moniker will stick when the event hits on August 17-19. There is no telling which teams will have the chemistry to succeed and which ones will fall apart under pressure–and with so little time until the next event begins, it’s doubtful that any of these new squads will even know enough about themselves to answer those questions. Will the returning lineups use this to their advantage? Or will one of these new teams shine in Chicago and prove they made the right call? Stick with to find out in just a few short weeks!

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MLG Chicago Pro Team Rosters

1st :: Final Boss – Walshy, Ogre 1, Ogre 2, Strongside
2nd :: Carbon – Shockwave, Gandhi, Ghostayame, Karma
3rd :: FBI The Agency – Victory X, Mackeo, Naded, Halogod
4th :: 5k – FearitSelf, Lunchbox, Roy, Hokum
5th :: Perfect Storm – Ramby, Xtremist, KGB Soviet, AYBFonzi
6th :: Nice Like Rice – LegendJRG, Ray, Foulacy, Pyrocy
7th :: Str8 Rippin – Tsquared, Neighbor, elamitewarrior, Legit
8th :: FBI ICON – Slim, TimeliestBrute, Havok, Mimic
9th :: Xit Woundz – Bonfire, Itwasluck, Omega, KillerN
10th :: PainX – Wonka, Censored, Factor, Butterz
11th :: Time 2 Prove – Donut, Overshield, 8Ball, Bigtimer
12th :: Type-Z – Hulk, Infinity Z, Str8pimp, Ownation
13th :: Perfect Balance – Mack, Da Beast, Best Man, Smoltz
14th :: Legendz – Defy, Vash, Cpt Anarchy, Dysphoria
15th :: RoC – Joe, Darkfury, Pistol, Shook One
16th :: H2K – hslightking, Dark Vegetto, Melloz, Game