The venue is empty and players are headed back to their hotel rooms for the evening, but its almost gauranteed that there will be little sleep to be had tonight as players stay up talking about the amazing upsets of the evening. Carbon and Str8 Rippin fell to SV and S1Gaming respectively, falling into the loser’s bracket far earlier than either team is accustomed to. Carbon went on to eliminate AeroJet and Str8 defeated FBI, which sets these two juggernauts up for a Losers Bracket match for top 6. Make sure you’re watching VoD tomorrow to catch that intense match-up.

To end the evening we were also treated to a frighteningly close match between Triggers Down and After splitting the first two games, Triggers Down won OddBall Lockout in Game 3, widely considered to be PowerTripBev’s best gametype. In game four Trigger’s Down jumped out to a commanding 2-0 lead in CTF Sanctuary. With just seven minutes to play, rallied behind the clutch slaying of FoSsiK to cap 3 times and win the match. The tie breaker was TS Beaver Creek, but due to PowerTripBev’s choices for host at the start of the series, Trigger’s Down would host the match and have a slight advantage. The score stayed tight for most of the match before PowerTrip started to pull away. With just a few kills to go Trigger’s Down nearly came back with a late rush, but in the end were unable to counter the patient control of their opponents.

With all the surprises the fourth stop of the 2006 Pro Circuit, Sunday’s action will no doubt continue to be intense. Make sure you stick with and Video on Demand for continued updates. You won’t want to miss them. You can catch the action all day tomorrow on VoD’s live broadcast.