MLG Chicago 2007 was a tremendous tournament. Relive the magic from the opening sign-in lines on Friday morning to the Halo 2 Championship Final on Sunday night.

Players packed the registration line to the brim bright and early waiting to get in and start warming up for day-one action. Fridays will now feature Shadowrun on top of Halo and GoW, making them more exciting.

Our photographer had some fun with Strongisde throughout the tournament. For those interested in playing a little “Where’s StrongSide/Pistola” go here.

A young Pure team made it all the way to the Shadowrun finals where they got to play on the main stage Saturday. Expect Oldbie and crew to come back stronger than ever in Orlando.

Ultimately Pure were no match for eXt, OneEye, OGRE 2 and Walshy of team StK. They took the tournament title in dominating fashion. Congrats to Walshy and OGRE 2 for becoming MLG’s first two-game champions.

Gears of War team Prophecy came up huge and took the circuit’s third Gears of War tournament. As always, the Gears players and coaches were full of energy and got the crowd into it.

Professional Skills put together a legendary comeback against tournament favorite TLR to win in the 11th and deciding game of the final series. As you can see from their faces, this moment is pure joy for them. Be sure to check out MLG Live when this match arrives.

Naded gives Pistola a congratulatory hug after he took his second Free-For-All tournament, making him this season’s first multiple-FFA winner.

Sundance and Karma share a moment during the MVP ceremony. Karma came up huge for his team in Dallas. Congratulations to him; He joins OGRE 2 and Legit in this prestigious category for 2007.

Naded also stepped up huge as FBI The Agency’s new member, taking out Carbon and finishing in third place. Chicago may have been the Agency’s best showing and many feel Naded was a great addition to the roster.

Tsquared and the Str8Rippin name have finally returned to the Top 2 after a long drought. He and the rest of his team were pumped up the entire tournament. Going through FBI the Agency and Carbon in dominating fashion on the way to the finals is no easy task. Congrats to Str8Rippin.

Coming back from a Dallas defeat, Final Boss regained their composure to take the finals from Str8Rippin, 6-1. They showed once again why they are the Halo 2 team to beat.