The MLG Community was sent into a forum-frenzy earlier this week when Karma announced open tryouts for a position on VG: The New Order. Dubbed the “Golden Ticket,” Karma is on a mission to turn one aspiring pro gamer into the MLG Pro Circuit’s next big breakout star. Although the program is something that’s largely unheard of among the pro ranks – Ben Jackson is a man who plays by his own rules. We sat down with Karma right before he began the very first round of try-outs to find out more about his “Golden Ticket.”

MLG: So tell us all about how the “Golden Ticket” was born.

Karma: Well, Naded and I were talking with our coach Kill3n about who our team should be, and we had just recently separated with Poweezy and Perplexity so it was kind of a bummer. We were all pretty much in agreement that we should pick up Str8pimp as our 3rd, but we didn’t know who to pick as our 4th. At that point, Kill3n gave us this CRAZY speech about unknown people coming out like Pistola and Snipedown, and we were convinced that we should find the next up-and-comer. So we decided we were going to have open tryouts to find that person that is incredibly talented, but hasn’t had the chance to show their skills yet.

MLG: How have the tryouts gone so far?

Karma: Well, we actually are just starting. We’re making sure that we don’t miss people on the first page, because they aren’t going to have much warning when the time comes. What we’re going to do is play 2v2′s with every person that wants to tryout. Every person is going to be matched up with someone they don’t know. We believe this is the best way to single out the most talented people. There are, however, a lot of people wanting to tryout. Because of this, Str8pimp and our coach Kill3n are also going to be running 2v2′s along with Naded and I.

Karma has led one of the most prolific careers of any pro player in MLG history. Do you have what it takes to become his next teammate?

MLG: How does it work?

Karma: There is going to be one game for everyone we can play with – 15 minutes each. After the 2v2′s, we’re going to take the people we thought had the caliber of a pro and take them to the 4v4′s, where we can get a feel for their personality and team-play.

MLG: Explain to everyone exactly what type of player you are looking for.

Karma: A beast! We just want to find the hidden beasts of this game, and give that one person a chance to shine.

MLG: Are you shocked by the response your open invitation has received?

Karma: Oh yeah! I was really expecting to get this done in one or two days; but then we looked at the thread after about two hours and it was already more than 20 pages long!

MLG: There are well over 3,000 responses to your post. That is impressive. Is there anything you’d like to say to all of those players who have posted in hopes of getting a tryout?

Karma: We are trying our best to make sure we get as many people as we can. We are dead-set on finding our fourth. And remember that this is your chance. Don’t come to us with excuses. Bring your ‘A’ game, because you are only getting one shot.

MLG: You’ve been trying out players in 2v2 games. What is your reasoning for this?

Karma: I believe that 2v2 is the best way to find out someone’s skill and potential. Not only is it only two people, but they have to team up with someone they don’t know. This way, we can see how they work together with people as well as their individual talent.

In 2006, Karma won every single Pro Circuit Free-For-All competition of the season. He and the rest of Carbon were also crowned 2006 Halo 2 4v4 National Champions that very same year.

MLG: Has anyone managed to beat you and Naded in tryouts?

Karma: Well, we are going to start playing right after this – but pshhhhh! It won’t happen! (laughs)

MLG: Let’s backtrack a little bit. Earlier in the interview, you said that you’ll be picking up Str8pimp from XiT Woundz as your 3rd. What was it about him that interested you?

Karma: Well, I haven’t really seen him play until now, but he’s a really skilled player. Not only does he have a great shot, but he makes sure to get things done in game. He’s just an all around nice guy.

MLG: What was Str8pimp’s reaction when you told him about the Golden Ticket idea?

Karma: He was surprisingly cool with it. We were actually typing out the Golden Ticket thread when we called him and asked him to team with us. But he was down for the cause, and he’s helping us out tryout people too, which is sick. It’s going to make it go way more smoothly.

MLG: Well, it has been great chatting with you Karma – Or should I say – Willy Wonka.

Karma: “Karma’s got some chocolate for you, baby.”