Major League Gaming (MLG) welcomes the Master Chief home.  The storied history of the Halo franchise and MLG in North America is adding a new chapter.  MLG will bring you the North American Qualification for the Halo World Championship.  North American Qualification will begin online in December, culminating at the North American Regional Finals in February, where the top 8 Teams will earn the right to compete at the World Championship for a crowd-funded prize pool in excess of $1,500,000.





Registration is now open for the Halo World Championship North American Qualification! Click the links below to register for each competition.

Online Ladder:


Online Tournaments:

Online Last Chance Qualifier

North America Regional Finals:

  • February 19-21
  • Arena
  • Columbus, OH




Players will earn points by competing in the Online Ladder and Online Tournaments. After the 5th Online Tournament on January 24, the top 15 Teams based on cumulative points will qualify for the North America Regional Finals. The winner of the Online Last Chance Qualifier on January 31 will earn the 16th and final spot in the North American Regional Finals.

  • Online Ladder Match Win = 5 Points
  • Online Tournament 1st Place = 5000 Points
  • Online Tournament 2nd Place = 3000 Points
  • Online Tournament 3rd-4th Place = 2000 Points
  • Online Tournament 5th-8th Place = 1500 Points
  • Online Tournament 9th-16th Place = 1000 Points
  • Online Tournament 17th-32nd Place = 500 Points
  • Online Tournament 33rd-64th Place = 250 Points