MLG Announces Smite Teams & Groups for the MLG Smite Pro League Qualifier


MLG is excited to announce the sixteen Smite teams invited to the MLG Smite Pro League Qualifier, taking place in New Orleans October 16-18. Teams were selected based on their total Pro Point standings. Further details on qualification can be read here.

The sixteen teams will begin the qualifier in the following Groups:

Group A

  • Team Eager
  • Onslaught
  • VexX Gaming
  • Nerd eSports

Group B

  • Juice
  • Moral.Radium
  • Wisefrag
  • XGN

Group C

  • eLevate
  • Release Gaming
  • Vanquish Gaming
  • Vengeance

Group D

  • Aware Gaming
  • Epsilon
  • Mortality
  • Isolation