MLG Announces ANZ & EU Group Play Teams for Call of Duty MLG Finals

MLG is excited to announce the first four teams qualified for Group Play in the MLG Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare  Finals, taking place in New Orleans October 16-18. Teams were selected by their total Pro Point standings. Further details on qualification can be read here.


The following four teams, one from the Australia/New Zealand region and three from the European region, will later be joined by twelve North American teams with direct entry to the Group Play Bracket.


Australia and New Zealand


Citadel Gaming

  • Hoju95
  • victimAdaM
  • Caaarry
  • Lakie



Infused EU

  • MarkyB
  • zer0
  • Peatie
  • Urban


  • Gotaga
  • Mooseman
  • Rated
  • Reedy

Team Vitality

  • Tommey
  • Joee
  • MadCat
  • Swanny
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