MLG Anaheim is just around the corner; are you ready? Columbus was a milestone in the history of competitive gaming. The live experience, the streams, and the tournament itself were better than they've ever been—but we aren't stopping there. MLG Anaheim is going to be even better. 

MLG Anaheim Full Broadcast Schedule

Will the Korean pros storm the field and take home the top spots? Will Huk return to the form we saw at Dreamhack and HSC3? Will Alicia steamroll his way through the Open Bracket like July did in Columbus? What on earth is going to happen when Idra plays Boxer? Is Instinct the team to beat, or will Status Quo return to form? How far can the new Str8 go? Can Optic Gaming remain in the spotlight, or will new Champions rise to take their place? It’s all going down next weekend, and you get to watch. 

If you got yourself either a Silver or Gold League Membership, then you'll have full access to ad-free HQ streams all throughout the tournament, as well as immediate access to HQ tournament VoD. VoD will be uploaded as the tournament progresses, and you can view it right in the live player on our site during the Event. And if you haven't purchased one yet, what are you waiting for?

It's all happening this weekend, July 29-31; join us in Anaheim for the most intense three days of competitive gaming ever.




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