MLG is also pleased to announce the new map pool that will be used at MLG Anaheim. There is only one change; MLG Typhon Peaks has been removed from the pool, and MLG Dual Sight added. MLG Dual Sight is identical to the version used in the GSL. The amended map pool for MLG Anaheim is therefore: 

MLG Dual Sight
MLG Metalopolis
MLG Shakuras Plateau
MLG Shattered Temple
MLG Tal'darim Altar
MLG Testbug
MLG Xel'Naga Caverns

Please see the StarCraft 2 Maps and Settings Changelog for a full description of how the MLG version of these maps differs from the standard Blizzard version, where applicable.

We have also updated the Event Rules; please see this document for full details.


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