By Suit and Tie

MLG Anaheim is fast approaching, and in an attempt to get you caught up on all the action, we've been taking you through each Halo: Reach Pool. Today, we bring you Pool C, consisting of (3) Str8 Rippin, (6) THO Evil, (11) coL Triggers Down and (14) Believe the Hype.

(3) Str8 Rippin (Tsquared, Legit, Elamite, Neighbor)

Tsquared surprised everyone by resurrecting the Str8 Rippin moniker for Columbus. He then proceeded to push the excitement even further, taking Str8 to a 2nd Place finish after starting in a humble 14th Seed. Str8 had a stellar tournament, losing to only team the entire weekend: Instinct. They also managed to sweep Dynasty, the only team that made Instinct look human (even if it was for only one game).

So, after the best finish for Str8 Rippin since 2009, they would obviously stick together and continue improving…right? Wrong.

Str8 Rippin shocked the community once again and decided to break up their 2nd Place-finishing roster in hopes of rekindling even greater success from years past. Str8 Rippin opted to release Naded and RyaNoob in favor of Elamite and Neighbor, to reassemble a roster that dates back as far as 2007. Familiarity and chemistry will definitely be present with these four players, but one may wonder just how strong their bond will be after spending the past three Seasons apart.

(6) THO Evil (Lethul, aPG, Crimsix, Twin Savior)

After a 2nd Place finish at the Season Opener, THO Impact finished in a disappointing 11th Place at Columbus. As expected, a team change was in order. Lethul and aPG joined forces with two up-and-comers, Crimsix and Twin Savior, who both seemingly came out of nowhere to place 4th at the last Event. Together they formed what is now known as THO Evil.

Going from community pariah to fan favorite in the span of one tournament, Crimsix silenced the critics by posting the highest Kill-to-Death spread with a beastly +145. If he can continue his slaying prowess, THO Evil's chances of taking Pool C are very high; this team will be coming into the Event well-prepared. They will have a couple LANs under their belt against top-notch competition including Final Boss, Dynasty and Instinct. The early word out of their LANs and Xbox Live scrims is that this Evil squad are one of the very few teams that have the slaying power to go toe-to-toe with reigning Champions Instinct. And while that matchup would be a sight to see, Evil must first prove worthy with their performance in Pool C.

(11) coL Triggers Down (SK, Hysteria, Naded, Amish Acorns)

Triggers Down have been a storied franchise for some time now, but with the release of Halo: Reach, TD seem to be on their last legs. After opening the Season with a 9th Place finish in Dallas and a 14th Place finish in Columbus, fans have started to doubt the capabilities of SK and Hysteria in this new game. Anaheim, however, will provide the perfect stage for proving the doubters wrong, as they have added Naded and Amish Acorns to the lineup. Both of these players already have a 2nd Place finish this Season, and are undoubtedly hungry for 1st. If these four can mesh well, we could see the SK/Hysteria duo that spent so much of Halo 3's lifespan near the top return to that pedestal once again.

With the strong veteran leadership of SK and the steady play of Amish Acorns, Triggers Down hope to unleash a new slaying duo in Hysteria and Naded that could potentially rival the likes of Roy and Pistola. And while Triggers Down haven't scared anyone yet this Season, the thought of Hysteria and Naded catching fire is enough to prevent teams and fans alike from overlooking this squad.

(14) Believe the Hype (Maniac, Blaze, Formal, RyaNoob)

You won't find names like Cloud, Clutch or Demon D on this Believe the Hype roster; instead, Maniac, the only remaining member from the 2009 National Champions, is left to carry the torch. Joining him in the quest to return BTH to their former glory after a stunning 13th Place finish in Columbus are Blaze, Formal and RyaNoob. These three previously teamed together on the Soul roster that stormed through the Open Bracket to place 5th at the inaugural Reach Event in Dallas. If coming from the Open Bracket wasn't a problem for them then, a seed as low as 14th now shouldn't phase this team one bit.

The makeup of this team is an interesting one, though, as Blaze and RyaNoob are two extremely aggressive players. Together they will be wreaking havoc on opposing teams at all times. Couple them with the raw talent of Formal and Maniac, who is now thrust into the role of veteran leader, and it's anyone's guess as to this team's potential.

Third-Seeded Undefeated Open Bracket Team

The fifth team competing in Pool C will be determined in Anaheim by the results of the Open Bracket competition. Of the four teams who emerge undefeated from the Open Bracket, the third-highest seeded team will be placed in Pool C. Check out the community's Anaheim Open Bracket Discussion Thread for more info on some of the best teams outside of the Top 16.


At first glance, this Pool might not look like much, but consider the possible bad blood between RyaNoob and Naded and their former teammates on Str8 Rippin. Many fans were confused by the move, and you can bet Naded and RyaNoob were as well. Those two will definitely be using their recent releases as motivation for their respective squads, Believe the Hype and Triggers Down, going forward. As for Evil, Crimsix and Twin Savior won't be able to fly under the radar this time around, so we'll see if the raw talent this team possesses will be enough to carry them through. All that said, Pool C inevitably comes down to Str8 Rippin and whether they will be able to recapture their rock solid chemistry and camaraderie…or whether this will just be a misguided trip down memory lane. Grab yourself a Membership so you can watch all the action on July 29-31 in ad-free HQ!