After MLG Columbus, we made the decision to stop releasing replays because the files contained information that could be used maliciously by third parties. We have been working with Blizzard to resolve the issue, and we are pleased to announce that, with the release of patch 1.4, full replay packs from both MLG Anaheim and MLG Raleigh are now available.

Going forward, full replay packs will be made available roughly two weeks after each tournament.

You can access the replays from Anaheim and Raleigh in the tournament brackets by clicking on an individual game, or you can download the replay packs and get them all at once, in one glorious chunk. Thank you very much for your patience, and enjoy the games!

Access by Bracket

MLG Anaheim: Open Bracket | Champ Bracket
MLG Raleigh: Open Bracket | Champ Bracket

Download Replay Packs

MLG Anaheim: Open Bracket | Champ Bracket | Full Tournament
MLG Raleigh: Open Bracket | Champ Bracket | Full Tournament