In the first major step in the 2005 MLG season, we have opened up registration for MLG – Washington D.C. Upon registration users can create or join teams and start personalizing their MLG experience with their friends. We will be announcing several surprises over the next couple of weeks using our new registration and bracketing system, but for now, be sure to register for MLG D.C.! Remember, we are doubling the cash prizes in Washington D.C. due to it being the first event of the season, so the best teams from all around the U.S. are guaranteed to be in attendance. You don’t want to miss it!

However, it wouldn’t be entirely fair if we just threw you into the mix without any warning at all would it? Well, here are a few key things you might want to know before you get started:

Halo 2 4vs.4 – $50 – Requires 4 Team Mates
Super Smash Brothers Melee Singles – $20
Super Smash Brothers Melee Doubles – $5 – Requires 2 Team Mates

1. Ensure that you are logged into If you are not logged in head over to and get logged in or signed up.
2. Head over to
3. Click on “Register Now” under your desired event.
4. Fill out your information in the secure Verisign checkout system (Note: This system still lists Soul Calibur 2 and Gran Turismo 3. These are NOT MLG 2005 events and will be removed by our checkout system provider tomorrow.).
5. Once you have purchase your event you may then click on “Create Team” (if you are participating in a team event (Halo 2 or SSBM 2v2) and have your teammates join you once they have completed their transaction as well.

If you are participating in a team event all of your team mates must pay separate and then create/join a team. After paying you may create a new team and have your friends join up. It’s fairly simple to operate, but you can complete a few actions such as uploading a Team Logo, kicking team mates, and entering in a team motto.

While these are some fairly simple new features to the MLG registration system, the best is yet to come such as new online bracketing, online leagues, VoD referencing, and the list just continues. We can’t wait to show you what we have up our sleeve in the next month. Prepare for an MLG ten times bigger than you have ever known.