Mioff weighs in on MLG San Diego with his pre-event thoughts:

1. Final Boss– Repeat. This team has proven time and time again that they are the most dominant team in the league. They have more natural skill and teamwork than any other team in the league, in my opinion. They recently LANed with Classic. The series was 59-38 in favor of FB. Classic is good, but the only team that I think will give Final Boss a run for there money is….

2. Triggers Down–Only losing to Final Boss in both the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket in Meadowlands is rough, but they will rebound with their pickup of Victory and place top 2. I can’t say for certain that they will beat FB, but this will be the series to watch in San Diego. Not only is Victory X disgusting, but him and SK go way back to the days of Halo 2 and have some great natural chemistry.

3. Classic– I couldn’t put them in the top 2 because I feel Triggers Down is just that good. But I won’t put them lower than top 3 because I think they are just one step ahead of Str8 Rippin. However…

4. Str8 Rippin– I’m not saying Str8 Rippin can’t beat them. It would be a tight series if Classic and Str8 had to play. If Str8 is on fire and Neighbor is draining brains, then they could upset Classic for top 3.

5. Instinct– I have no idea what to think of Instinct. Dropping Victory and picking up Snipedown….Snip3down is a great player, but I think losing Victory was pretty big. I’m hoping they do good. Snipedown could be another “rise to riches” story like StrongSide. We’ll just have to wait and see.

6. Carbon– As cliché as it sounds, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. Even if they do have “secret accounts”, and have been secretly playing, I just don’t think they are giving it their “all”. I see them in 6th once again. Maybe they can get everything together for Orlando and step it up. If not, how much longer could this go on for? They have too much talent to end up placing 6th.

7. Fatal Images– So much hate on one of the best supporters in Halo: Foulacy. With Fatal Images picking him up, I think they will move up one spot and could possibly push into the top 6 if they catch Carbon off guard.

8. Ambush– Too much skill to not be in the top 8. Yes, they lost Snipedown, but they picked up Pistola. For anyone doubting Pistola, saying that he was just a FFA player back in Halo 2, be prepared to eat your words.

Sleepers Brah!!! Here’s some teams to look out for to make some noise.

Profound Hype– With a case of the “Carbon” (not practicing as much as they should have), I feel like they will stick in the top 12 but they do have the potential to push into that top 8.

Inferno– Picking up the Asian Sensation (Hokum) and Mr. KGB himself (Soviet) will prove a great move for the team, Watch out for this team.

Chilled Reality– I feel bad for putting them as a sleeper. There has been talk of frustration and arguing on the team, but if they can overcome that then they could pull off some upsets.