E3 is here! With it came some incredible announcements from the gaming industry. Below is a quick recap of Microsoft’s Xbox conference.

Opening cinematic starts with “Will you step, or will you leap” tag line.

343 Industries Bonnie Ross (Studio head) opens the show opening up with Halo 5.

  • “Built from the ground up for the Xbox One,” Single player story mode gameplay is shown.
  • Player is seen directing computer controlled AI teammates with orders
  • Halo 4′s Prometheans enemies return
  • Mantis walker returns
  • Josh Holmes (executive producer) takes the stage next
  • Built for drop in/drop out co-op play
  • Single player is now incorporated into multiplayer
  • Maps are 4 times the size of any previous Halo Map
Next up: World Premier of the ‘recore”, exclusive to Xbox One.
  • Female protagonist with AI companion
  • Desert setting
  • Energy Orb can be transplanted into various mechanical bodies to form companion
Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, takes the stage next
  • “Today I’m pleased to announce Xbox One backwards compatibility”
  • Mike Ybarra, Head of Platform Engineering takes the stage to show off backwards compatibility
  • Mass Effect from the Xbox 360 is shown off on the Xbox One.
  • “runs exactly as it did on Xbox 360″
  • You can use Xbox One console features while playing with friends on Xbox Live (players playing on Xbox 360)
  • “We will not charge you to play the games you already own”
Xbox Elite Wireless controller (coming this fall) is shown next.
  • Hair trigger locks
  • New “D-Pad”
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Button remapping
  • Thumb sensitivity adjustments
  • 4 behind the controller paddles
Tod Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Studios, takes the stage next to discuss Fallout 4. 
  • Game demonstration of Fallout 4 is shown running on the Xbox One
  • First person gameplay shown
  • “Mech” gameplay shown
  • A glimpse into NPC Character development and PVE
  • “From here you will see the most ambitious game world we have ever created”
  • Mod’s created on the PC will be able to be used and shared on the Xbox One for free
Peter Moore, COO of Electronic Arts 
  • Starts with EA early access & EA’s Vault.
  • TitanFall is joining the EA Access Vault
  • Dragon Age Inquisition will be joining EA Access at the end of the summer
  • All Xbox Live Gold Members will have complete access to EA’s Vault, this week.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 announced for next Spring
  • World Premier Trailer of Plant vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is shown
Forza 6 is next up with a Ford GT being brought on stage (cover car for Forza 6 box art).
  • Dan Greenawalt (Executive Creative Director) takes the stage.
  • First in-game footage of Forza 6 is shown
World Premier of Dark Souls III is shown
Laurent Detoc (Executive Vice President of North America, Ubisoft)
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division trailer shows off story, world and character details
  • “When society falls, we rise”
  • Xbox One players will be first to get access to exclusive “The Division” beta
  • Rainbow Six Vegas & Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will come free with Rainbow Six Siege
Windows 10 Exclusive ” Gigantic ” is shown next
  • Works across Xbox One Platform
Chris Charla takes the stage next (Director of ID@Xbox)
  • Montage of independent developed titles are next.
  • Exclusive to Xbox first independent titles are announced


  • Takes place in a lunar transfer station
  • First Person perspective
  • Exclusive to Xbox
  • Medieval fantasy setting
  • Third Person perspective
  • Cell shading art style
“Beyond Eyes”
  • First on Xbox & PC
  • Pastel art style
  • Third person perspective
  • Uses multiple sense to guide the character through environments
“Cup Head”
  • Xbox Exclusive
  • 1930′s cartoon art style
  • “Precision” of a 16 bit platformer
Chris Charla takes the stage again and announces “Game Preview.” 
  • Every game comes with a trial so customer can make their purchasing choice
Games announced to launch Game Preview are as follows:
  1. The Long Dark
  2. Shelter
  3. Elite Dangerous
  4. Day Z
Dean Hall (Creator of Day Z) takes the stage
  • “I want a game that is not based on scripts”
  • Ion is shown (First on Xbox and PC)
  • Takes place in space
Brian Horton (Game Director, Crystal Dynamics) takes stage
  • Exclusive first look at “Rise of the Tomb Raider” gameplay
  • Starts out in an arctic setting
  • Lara is shown with short hair
  • Accompanied by a AI companion
  • Environmental platforming is shown
  • Next Gen ice is scary
  • Hunting, other environments briefly shown
  • November 10th, 2015 release date
“Rare Replay” collection announced
  • 30 Games for $30
  • “10,000 Game score”
  • August 4th, 2015
Exclusive look at new Rare game “Sea of Thieves”
  • “Shared world” adventure game
  • “Freedom to play with limitless possibilities”
  • Xbox One exclusive
  • First person perspective
  • Cartoon art style, Pirate setting
  • Open World
  • Sailing, open water battles
Kudo Tsunoda (CVP, Microsoft Studios) takes the stage
  • Fable: Legends is shown next
  • Xbox One & Windows Exclusive
  • Cross purchase incorporation
  • Relationship with Valve VR announced
  • “Windows 10 will be the best platform for VR gaming”
  • Xbox One controller will come with Oculus Rift
Microsoft Hololense demonstration shown by Lydia Winters (Brand Director at Mojang)
  • New version of Minecraft announce
  • built specifically for Hololense
  • 3D world shown; manipulation with Hololense camera and voice control
  • Minds are blown across the world
Gears of War Ultimate Edition is announce
  • Full 1080p/60FPS Multiplayer
  • Free BETA available today
World Premier of Gears 4
  • Xbox One Exclusive
  • Live Gameplay demonstration
  • Coming out Holiday 2016
Phil Spencer retakes the stage
“Greatest Games Line-up in Xbox History”
“Best Exclusives on any platform”

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