Merry X-Mas folks! I hope everyone is having a fun, safe, video game-filled X-Mas! Personally, mine has been awesome so far and everyone is just settling in for the afternoon to watch some boob-tube and get ready for tonight’s dinner goodness.

Here is the one exciting news post I felt I needed to get up today:

  • Team Xbox is reporting that OXM has some pretty amazing news this month. There is a Halo 2.5 (director’s cut) planned for the Xbox 2 at launch that will contain new textures, scenes that never made it from the cutting room floor, new effects, basically everything you expected to be in Halo 2 that never quite made it in. The way you can get the game is by purchasing the optional hard drive that will (obviously) not be included with the base system. Spiff. Thanks to Bigsauce for the info.