by Patrick O'Neill (Chobopeon)

A barrier is about to be broken at MLG Providence.

Julia Childress (Ailuj), a 23 year old Canadian Diamond Protoss player and a popular streamer for Check 6, is going to become the first female player to ever play on the MLG SC2 Main Stage. She will be facing Losira, a Korean Zerg in Code A who plays for team Incredible Miracle. This is Julia's first ever MLG.

Although she was understandably nervous as she made her way to the stage, she said she was excited about reaching this milestone.

Ailuj is an active member of Girls of StarCraft, a group dedicated to bringing female StarCraft 2 players together and introducing them to the greater community. The group includes major communtiy figures as megumixbear, ICCup.Tesla and Kelly Milkies. 

"With tournaments such as Zowie Divina and now this, it's great to see women gain more and more attention," said Michael Starr, the Team Operations Director for Check 6. "I'm not going to b.s. you, this isn't some 'change of the era' or anything. Female gamers have always been there- but now, with things like MLG is doing, they are finally gaining prominence."

Julia is a recent addition to Check 6, having been picked up because she shows "great potential," according to Starr, and because she will assist the teams in other ways, such as content production.

"It's tough being a girl in a boy's world," said Ailuj when asked what it meant to be the first woman to play on the Main Stage.

Although she was surrounded by friends who were advising her to cheese (the term "proxy gate" was tossed around liberally), Julia shook her head and said that she didn't practice cheese. This will be a real game.