We have a few new things for you in the content area:

First, we have our first two user submitted reviews.

Midnight reviews ESPN NFL 2k5 (Xbox)
Liquid reviews Pandemics Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox)

I hope to see more of these from people in the future. These are two very well written reviews, so if you want to know the format to use, these are great examples.

In a totally different arena I started to play with n00bles’ megabattle method and found that it was really quite easy. Then I took a cue from ][-][awaiian pig who has been recreating RvB ‘set pieces’. Anyway, I recreated famous scenes from games that we have all talked about. They are all in 1600×1200 format, but if you are having some size difficulties when resizing them down to your grandmothers 640×480 monitor, Ill be happy to size them down for you.

Here is the first batch:

StK vs. FFA – Chillout – MLG Atlanta

Stk vs. FFA Derelict – MLG Chicago

StK vs. FFA – Hang ‘em MLG Chicago

Zyos vs. Ogre 2 – Prisoner – MLG Chicago

PLEASE: If you have any suggestions of scenes that are not StK and FFA I am completely open to them. Drop me the info here (dolbex@mlgpro.com)

Also, before you run, check this out:

3d StK vs FFA Major League Moments (put your cursor in the window and navigate’ hey, Walshy didn’t get it) (8 megs – right click and save as)