Today, MLG’s Commissioner John Nelson has officially given word of Mackeo’s acquisition by MLG Orlando champions, Triggers Down. Mackeo filed for free agency from his former team, Instinct, a team in which he played the role of team captain since Halo 3’s debut on the MLG Pro Circuit. He was then added as the fourth member of Triggers Down by former Agency teammate, SK.

As a long-time veteran of the MLG Pro Circuit, Mackeo is known for his passionate and enthusiastic style of play. In his time as a team leader, Mackeo has had a knack for spotting young talent, and possesses a natural leadership quality that few players have been able to duplicate. Despite a former rivalry between Mackeo and his new-found teammates, Triggers Down will head into MLG Toronto looking to repeat their overwhelming success from Orlando.

That leads us to yet another daunting set of questions. Who will step up and take the reins of Instinct now that Mackeo is gone? Will chemistry be an issue for Triggers Down in Toronto? Will Instinct be able to function without the tactical supervision of their former captain? It’s all open for debate at this point. Look out for more pro player transaction news here on mlgpro as it’s released from our League Ops department.

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