The Summer Fighter Arena sponsored by Playstation3 has concluded, and after over eight hours of incredible action, we have our winners!

Soul Calibur V

Congratulations to LostProvidence, who won the Soul Calibur V portion of the Fighter Arena in a neck-and-neck series against SomethingUnique that went to Game 7.

Full Soul Calibur V Results:

1st Place- LostProvidence – $1,500
2nd Place- SomethingUnique – $900
3rd/4th Place- RTD ATL, Hawkeye – $500 each
5th/6th Place- LinkRKC, Kinetic Clash
7th/8th Place- Kayane, Keev

Mortal Kombat

Our Champion is Pig of the Hut, who took out GGA Dizzy in a blisteringly quick 4-0. Congratulations! Here are the full results:

1st Place- Pig of the Hut – $1,500
2nd Place- GGA Dizzy – $900
3rd/4th Place- GGA 16Bit, EGPTyrant – $500 each
5th/6th Place- Riu48, EMP Reo
7th/8th Place- DJT1993, KT_Smith

Check out the final Soul Calibur V and Mortal Kombat brackets, and if you have a Fighter Arena HD Pass, watch all VOD now! Vod will be made available to everyone for free on within the next few days.