The Losers Bracket Finals just came to a close here in Chicago. The Agency entered the series with a 3 – 1 deficit to Str8 Rippin from the Winners Bracket Semifinals. To reach their first franchise Championship Match, The Agency would have to take five of seven games.

Things looked grim for The Agency off the bat, as Str8 Rippin took an early lead on Beaver Creek Slayer. Neighbor, who is quickly becoming a human highlight reel, was completely on fire from the start. While going for a newly spawned overshield, Neighbor logged three kills and managed to escape without dying. Holding red base, Str8 Rippin pushed their advantage to a 50 – 33 victory.

Game 2 of Midship CTF was fast. Very fast. Early slaying from Naded gave The Agency a 2 – 0 advantage. The ensuing moments served as a characteristic illustration of Str8 Rippin’s objective play this tournament. Without any sense of map control, Str8 Rippin managed to run two consecutive flag caps in a span of merely 40 seconds. The team looked to any opportunity to move the objective, as Neighbor frequently snuck away from the action to put points on the board. The match became a track meet, with flags moving quickly and constantly between bases. Ultimately, the score read 5 – 4 in The Agency’s favor.

Narrowing Str8’s lead to 4 – 2, The Agency looked to further close the gap in Sanctuary TS. The team opened to a 9 – 0 lead early, possessing both sniper rifles. Str8 Rippin clawed their way back to level the score at 26 kills each. The action took a brief pause, before a frantic and wide-open battle rushed the score to its final tally. Legit’s strong 17 – 10 stat line contributed to Str8’s 50 – 47 win.

The Agency showed true life in Lockout Ball. Aside from an early sniper Killtacular from Neighbor, The Agency completely out-slayed Str8 Rippin. The final score read 4:54 – 2:07.

Str8 Rippin would let The Agency pull no closer, as they pulled out a clutch 3 – 2 Midship Bomb victory to advance to the Championship Match. This trip to the finals will be the franchise’s first Top 2 finish since Dallas of 2006. For Legit, it marks the second-consecutive year that he has reached the finals in Chicago.