Instinct came into the Losers Finals after suffering a three games to one defeat to Str8 Rippin. Triggers Down, on the other hand, was hot off of a three games to one win over Carbon. Both teams were desperately seeking an appearance in the Championship Finals.

Game 1-Capture The Flag Narrows

Right of the bat, Triggers Down showed that they came to play. FearItself pulls off a very nice triple kill, setting up a Victory X flag cap giving Triggers Down an early 1-0 lead. After the cap, a battle for top middle control raged on for several minutes as both teams had trouble getting set-up due to their opponents always putting pressure on them. Both teams refused to stop pushing and eventually, Instinct is able to gain some control. They take out all four Triggers Down members and bring back the tying flag at the 18:30 mark. Only a minute later, Hysteria of Triggers Down is able to counter capture, giving TD a 2-1 advantage. In the closing seconds of the game, Victory X puts down three members of Instinct in a sick triple kill as his teammate caps the third flag right as time expires. Hysteria and FearItSelf both net 34 kills for TD.

Triggers Down Wins 3-1

Game 2-Team Slayer Construct

As soon as the game begins, Victory X heads for the sniper spawn and gets a very nice double kill. This game moves at a fast and furious pace as Instinct captain Mackeo directs his troops. Both teams battle for control of the top area, as it holds the key to this map. Instinct manages to keep control of this area better than Triggers Down, especially by controlling the lifts. They hold a five or six kill lead throughout the entire match. Roy finishes the game 16-12-8 as Instinct ties the series at 1.

Instinct Wins 50-47

Game 3- Oddball Guardian

Instinct jumps out to an early lead in Game 3. SK controls the sniper early on and pulls off a ridiculous no scope on a meleeing Mackeo. The objective is ignored early on, as five minutes into the game, the two teams combine for only 70 seconds of ball time. The ball is being moved around the map, with both teams picking up minimal ball time. It’s almost as if they were playing Team Slayer when an Oddball game broke out. The ball is seemingly played on every possession, causing it to reset to the middle of the map. Triggers Down begins to close the gap on the lead Instinct had built by holding the ball on elbow, but Instinct is able to break the setup. Instinct pulls away and, in the closing seconds, Mackeo is top middle going for no scopes taunting his opponents.

Instinct Wins 221-169

Game 4-Capture The Flag Onslaught

Roy opens the game with a disgusting double kill. He then storms into the base, picking up another double kill in the process, and runs back a flag for Instinct, giving them an early 1-0 lead. Five minutes into the match, Victory X matches Roys play by picking up his own nice double kill and throwing out a flag which is run back by Triggers Down, tying the game at one. Triggers Down is able to run another flag back a few minutes later, but Instinct capitalizes on this and manages to pull off a successful counter capture. With only a few minutes remaining and Triggers Down’s tournament life on the line, they manage to pull a flag and get it into bottom middle. Roy comes up with an absolutely huge triple kill, returning the flag in the process and likely saving the game for his team. On his next respawn, he storms across the map and, with the help of his team, captures the go-ahead flag. With 15 seconds remaining, Instinct seals off the victory with an insurance flag.

Instinct Wins 4-2

Instinct Wins the series 3-1 and will play Str8 Rippin in the Championship Finals.