Though The Lifted are seeded 23rd in the Championship Bracket, many fans peg them as a solid pick to run deep though the bracket. Their low seed meant they had a difficult match in Round 1, in the form of 10th-seeded Inferno. The series produced some excellent games, possibly some of the best of the weekend thus far.

Lifted took it to Inferno in Game 1, Narrows CTF, winning 3-0. Game 2 was probably the best Halo 3 tourney game yet, as the teams both hit 49 on The Pit Team Slayer. Both teams stayed at their respective sniper towers, waiting for the other team to make a mistake. Lifted had the rockets timed, however, and made a move to procure the power weapon. Approximately 20 seconds later, both teams knew the overshield would respawn. Rocket man made a move to the power-up, as did Inferno. The Inferno player caught Lifted unaware and nearly dealt a death blow, but just as the melee connected, the overshield reappeared and granted Mr. Rocket invincibility, at which point he turned to fire the winning rocket. The crowd erupted.

Game 3 was nearly as good, as Inferno edged Lifted 250-241 on Construct King of the Hill. They could not parlay any momentum, however, as Lifted crushed Inferno on Guardian Oddball 250-125. The win advanced Lifted into Winners Bracket Round 2.